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What are the advantages of ceramic sputtering metallization coating?

What are the advantages of ceramic sputtering metallization coating?


What are the advantages of ceramic sputtering metallization coating


The step of ceramic metallization sputtering coating is to fill the vacuum chamber of the coating equipment with Ar (argon gas) at a certain pressure, and apply a DC voltage between the electrodes. At this time, a glow discharge phenomenon will be formed. The positive ions of the discharge continuously bombard the target surface, so that the coating target material is sputtered onto the substrate material (ceramic or other materials) to form a metalized film, thereby realizing the metalized coating effect of ceramics.


Sputtering coating is a physical vapor deposition process used to coat very thin functional and decorative coatings on substrates. The process starts with the energization of the sputtering cathode, which generates plasma from the sputtering cathode, so that the target material is sputtered from the surface, and the plasma sputtered from the target material is bonded to the cathode, and the magnetron process is used to ensure This improves the stability and uniformity of the film. At the molecular level, the coating target material is guided to the substrate through kinetic energy transfer, and the high-energy plasma hits/bombards the substrate and adheres to the surface of the substrate, forming an atomic-level bond, which is very strong.


The advantage of the sputtering coating process is that it can generate a stable plasma, thereby providing a more uniform deposited film. Sputtering coating is usually used for the following coatings in solar panels, architectural glass, microelectronics, aerospace, flat panel displays, automobiles and other fields.


Compared with the evaporative metallization process, the sputtering metallization coating can deposit a metal film with a higher melting point at a lower temperature, and can be used to make a metal film with uniform thickness, large area, and strong bond with the substrate. The sputtering coating process also has the advantages of being able to deposit thin films such as alloys and oxides. In addition, this coating process can also obtain "atomically clean" metal surfaces, which is undoubtedly a very advantageous item for vacuum technology. technology.

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