What about FOB of optical coating machine ?
Please contact our Customer Support regarding the FOB for specific items. We will clarify the terms and conditions immediately when we start uncertainty on what's been agreed upon. If you're unsure about which Incoterms is more beneficial for you, or you've got any additional questions, our sales specialists could help!

Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. keeps stable and healthy development for many years. Zhenhua Technology provides a wide range of Roll to Roll Coating Equipment for customers. ZHENHUA coating machine is produced in a standard production environment. Its speed is stable and can be adjusted. CRI is not the only way to judge the 'quality' of light. The product also performs well with consistent light output. A lot of measuring methods are developed to ensure the color output of the product. Made of stainless steel, it is notable for its high corrosion resistance.

With the business tenet of Continuous coating production line  , Zhenhua Technology are striving for the first-class brand. Get quote!
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