Welding is the art of combining two metal pieces

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-15
Welding procedure in general involves a generator, water coolers, wire feeders and plasma cutters. The welder is a person who performs the art- he uses a welding helmet to protect his eyes from the harmful sparks and gases released during the process and other protective apparels to protect his body. Welding procedure is a very easy method and anyone with the resolve can perform welding. In fact these days' teenagers and students undertake welding jobs in part time to earn a few bucks while they are studying. All you need to do is pay attention while you learn the procedure and protect yourself with appropriate things while you perform welding. Welding does demand higher precision and concentration to create perfect joints while you are performing. Welding gun among welding equipments is the most crucial equipment for performing welding techniques. Without which you simply cannot weld. It is important that your MIG torch in MIG welding is comfortably seated and of good quality for the wire to feed through smoothly and evenly. Most problems that arise during welding are related to wire feed issues. A blockage eventually causes the arc to behave erratic and inconsistent which in turn obstructs the constant arc voltage and constant arc voltage is a very important factor in welding technique to do a good job. The erratic nature of behavior simply rises due to the wear and tear of your MIG welding gun. It can also be due to deposition of dust in the gun. If your work factory is located in a rural area and it doesn't have any concrete flooring, it is pretty liable t get infested with dust particles which settles on your machines as well as equipments and especially your welding gun. This leads to wear and tear of equipments which further creates several issues for you. The drive rollers of the feeding mechanism is often infested without outside dust particles as well as metallic residual wastes obtained from grinding and cutting of pieces. All these factors work its way through the wire feed and into the liner of the gun which severely damages the gun. If you have a financial backing all you need to do is create a perfect environment for welding which protects the factory from outside dust particles. Else you will have to maintain the equipments on a regular basis. Keep cleaning the liner of the gun depending upon the welding work load you perform. Use felt wipers behind the drive rollers to wipe off all the crud attached to the welding wire.
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