We all want to save money on our energy bills.

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-14
Keep the heat in during the winter With Low Energy tints on your glass you stop the heat from escaping. Nearly all houses have insulated walls but not insulated windows... That's because there isn't much option for the glass. Now there is something new. Low-E fits internally onto your already existing windows. It reflects the medium heat-waves from your radiators back into the room with its special coating. So this reduces the heat that gets through your glass by about 33%, saving you money on your heating bills. It doesn't just save heat; it reduces the heat and glare in the summer The Low-E is a silver reflective window film that has a reflective exterior during day time hours. Because it's reflective it reflects 81% of glare from the sun. That means you are able to see your television or computer screen much better. But it does more... In the summer the tint can reduce up to 79% of the suns heat. This gives you a cooler and more comfortable room to be in. So not only does it save your heating bills, it means you don't need to buy air-conditioning units. Plus you don't need to have your curtains closed. Low-E does what the curtains do but allows in natural light. One more thing... It's perfect for privacy as well Because the tint is reflective it's great for creating day time privacy. When fit to the correct lighting conditions it will look like a mirror on the outside. You need to fit it to every window in that room that faces the outside. This provides the correct conditions of 3:1 light ratio. The outside needs to be 3x brighter than the inside for the effect to work. When it's mirrored outside you can see out perfectly fine. It just stops people from looking in. However, the mirror effect does reverse when it's dark outside and you have lights on inside. So you won't be able to see out but people can see in. No maintenance Once it's on the glass it is very simple to look after. You just have to clean it as regular as you would clean the windows anyway. It just needs to have warm, soapy water and a soft cloth run over it. Protect yourself for ultra violet rays The sun is good for us but the UV can be harmful to our skin. The film reduces 99% of UV rays. So you can feel comfortable knowing your skins safe. It's not only harmful to our skin, UV makes furnishings fade. Without the ultra violet rays your furnishings will last a lot longer.
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