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Vacuum system of evaporation coating machine

Vacuum system of evaporation coating machine


Vacuum system of evaporation coating machine

If the vacuum system of the evaporation coating machine does not meet the vacuum requirements or can not be pumped, you can first check the working status of the air extraction device, and then check whether the air release source exists. Before assembling the vacuum components, they must undergo strict cleaning, drying and leak detection, and they can be used only after they are qualified. Then check the cleanliness of the sealing ring of the detachable part, the scratch of the sealing surface, the tightness of the connection, and so on.

PVD vacuum coating machine

1. The application of vacuum coating process in the field of information storage. Film data is used as information to be recorded in the storage medium. It has unique advantages: because the film is very thin, eddy current loss can be neglected; the magnetization rotation is extremely fast; the bistable state parallel to the film surface Keep it simple and wait. In order to record and store information more finely, coating skills must be selected.

2. The application of vacuum coating technology in sensors. In sensors, semiconductor materials whose electrical properties are extremely sensitive to physical quantities, chemical quantities and their changes are often selected. In addition, most of them use the appearance and interface properties of semiconductors, and it is necessary to increase their area as much as possible, and they can be industrialized and manufactured at low prices, so there are many situations in which thin films are used.

PVD Vacuum coating machine,PVD Vacuum coating machine

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