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Vacuum gauge device of vacuum coating machine

Vacuum gauge device of vacuum coating machine


Vacuum gauge device of vacuum coating machine

vacuum coating machine

In the automatic control system of vacuum coating equipment, the vacuum environment is often measured. Because there are many types of coating processes and the working pressure ranges of various equipment are different, they may encounter various types of 10⁻⁵Pa~10⁵Pa. Kind of vacuum measurement in a vacuum chamber. Commonly used vacuum gauges include ultra-high vacuum gauges, ionization vacuum gauges, capacitor thin film vacuum gauges, thermocouple vacuum gauges, resistance vacuum gauges, etc. At present, vacuum gauges on the market also include remote control telemetry, pressure adjustment, RS-232C and other communication interfaces, analog output and other functional modules that can be selected by users. Therefore, if a vacuum gauge has a higher configuration, it needs to be able to measure accurate vacuum, display the value, automatically correct the error, automatically switch the range and other basic functions. In addition, it is also required to send a signal at the set pressure value to control the pressure. Automatically adjust the pressure through the pressure setting value, print the measured value and record it, and contact the host computer.

When operating the vacuum coating equipment, you must use the correct method. Let's talk about how to perform the correct operation!

       Under the normal operation of the machine tool, to start the machine, you must first open the water pipe, and always pay attention to the working water pressure.

       At the same time, ion bombardment and evaporation should be paid special attention to the high-voltage wire connector, not to contact, to prevent electric shock. The electron gun in the coating, the outer bell on the aluminum. It is best to use lead glass to observe the window glass. Glasses should be worn to observe the lead glass to prevent X-rays from affecting the human body. For the deposition of the coating of the multilayer dielectric film, ventilation and dust removal equipment should be installed to remove harmful dust in time. Keep flammable and toxic substances, poisoning in fire.

The pickling device should be carried out on the ventilation device, and rubber gloves should be worn. Put the parts into the acid or alkali in the cleaning tank gently, without collision and splashing. In addition, the commonly used pickling tanks should be covered. Finally, the work is completed and the water should be cut off.

       Safety regulations: The use of vacuum systems, vacuum systems, high-temperature vacuum pump oil filling systems, vacuum coating machines may accidentally explode and burn, so in the process of work, the installation and operation specifications during the operation must be strictly regulated. Be cautious, heat pumps Experienced burns are dangerous. Rotating parts may be dangerous. So pay attention to the inaccessible booster pump and diffusion pump during the production process. The pre-operative shields of the slide valve pump and Roots pump must be intact. Not near.

       The winding system may be dangerous to people during operation, so the speed of the rear masking and cleaning roller is not too fast, no more than 30m/min, and no more than 10m/min.

       The vacuum coating equipment must pay attention to the above mentioned aspects when operating. In order to extend the service life of the machine, in addition to correct operation, it is also necessary to protect it.

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