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Vacuum coating machine manufacturer's inspection of aluminum vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating machine manufacturer's inspection of aluminum vacuum coating machine


Vacuum coating machine manufacturer's inspection of aluminum vacuum coating machine

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The inspection of air leakage by the manufacturer of the vacuum coating machine is an inspection method to ensure the vacuum degree of the aluminum vacuum coating machine, referred to as leak detection. The degree of vacuum directly affects the function of the coating, so leak detection is essential.

Under normal circumstances, the air leakage in the vacuum chamber occurs in some small holes on the wall of the vacuum chamber or in the joints in front of the parts. When the pumping system is pumping, the pressure in the vacuum chamber decreases, and the pressure difference between the inside and the outside causes the gas to flow from the outside to the low-pressure vacuum chamber at a high pressure, forming a vacuum chamber with a low vacuum degree.

According to the manufacturer of vacuum coating machine, in the process of leak detection, there are some problems that need to be paid attention to in order to do a good job in leak detection.

1. It is necessary to admit the virtual leak or the actual leak, because the workpiece data will generate gas to varying degrees after heating, and you may mistake it for the gas flowing in from the outside. This is a virtual leak, and this situation should be eliminated.

2. Test the air-sealing function of the vacuum chamber to ensure that the air-sealing function meets the requirements.

3. Check the size, shape, orientation and speed of the leak, formulate a treatment plan and implement it.

4. Determine the minimum leak detection rate and sensitivity of the testing instrument, detect air leakage to the limit, prevent the air leakage from being ignored, and improve the accuracy of leak detection.

5. Master the reaction time and elimination time of the leak detector, take good care of the time, and ensure that the leak detector is in place. If the time is short, the leak detection effect will definitely be poor. If it takes a long time, the gas fee and labor electricity fee for leak detection will be wasted.

6. Prevent leakage and blockage. Sometimes during the leak detection process, due to improper operation, some dust or liquid blocked the leak, and it is considered that there is no leak in this direction. However, when the leakage is not blocked due to the internal and external pressure difference or other reasons, the leakage still exists.

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