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Vacuum coating machine can be distinguished according to different functions of vacuum furnace

Vacuum coating machine can be distinguished according to different functions of vacuum furnace


Vacuum coating machine can be distinguished according to different functions of vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnace: the development of vacuum furnace in China began in the late 1950s. The first 10kg vacuum induction furnace was developed in Shenyang in 1958 and judged in 1960. At present, there are many kinds of vacuum furnaces produced in China, which can be roughly divided into metallurgical furnace and heat treatment furnace. Among them, metallurgical furnaces include vacuum resistance furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum electric arc furnace, vacuum induction furnace, single crystal furnace and vacuum brazing welding machine; Vacuum heat treatment furnace includes: vacuum quenching furnace, tempering furnace, annealing furnace, carburizing furnace, glow ion nitriding furnace, etc.

Vacuum resistance furnace: vacuum resistance furnace uses resistance to heat workpiece or data under vacuum conditions. It is mainly used for annealing and vacuum degassing of vivid and insoluble metals or some magnetic alloys. There are many kinds of resistance furnaces. According to different methods, they can be divided into vertical, horizontal, internal heating, external heating and so on.

Vacuum sintering furnace: vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for sintering of cemented carbide, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, rare refractory materials, metal powder products, photoelectric components and other materials. The information on sintering disposal is different. The varieties of vacuum sintering furnace include high-temperature sintering furnace with temperature above 2000 ℃ and high vacuum sintering furnace with high vacuum degree.

Vacuum electric arc furnace: vacuum electric arc furnace uses the arc generated by arc discharge to melt the workpiece or data. It can be used to melt zirconium and insoluble metals in copper process. The varieties of vacuum electric arc furnace can be divided into consumable furnace, non consumable furnace, condensate shell furnace and so on.

Vacuum induction furnace: vacuum induction furnace uses electromagnetic induction to heat the crucible in the furnace and melt metals and alloys under vacuum. It can melt fine alloys, magnetic materials, active metals and insoluble metals.

Vacuum brazing welding machine: vacuum brazing refers to the method of brazing without flux under the condition of multi arc ion coating machine. It is mainly used for brazing stainless steel, superalloy, cemented carbide and non-ferrous metals, especially heat-resistant alloys with high aluminum and titanium. It is also suitable for the welding of some insoluble metals such as zirconium and niobium. Compared with general brazing, vacuum brazing has very significant advantages, such as no pollution, small welding deformation, high weld quality, no corrosion of flux to data, no pores and slag inclusion, high efficiency and energy saving, etc. The vacuum aluminum brazing welding machine is mainly used for aluminum brazing of aluminum plate fin heat exchanger, car radiator, air conditioning transpiration device, condenser, radar antenna and electronic communication components. The varieties of vacuum brazing machines can be divided into single chamber, double chamber or vertical, horizontal, no gas quenching, gas quenching, cold wall, hot wall and so on. Due to the rapid development of China's car industry, the demand for vacuum brazing machines has increased greatly in recent years.

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