Using an Automatic Tarping Machine for deploying

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-18
Every economy is encountering problems, such as diminishing availability of landfill space and its related waste management challenges. In addition to this, with an increase in landfill disposal charges, it has become a pre-requisite for landfill operators to use available airspace judiciously and make the most of that available airspace. This has compelled landfill managers to introduce effective changes in landfill management and operational practices that result in conserving airspace and improving efficiencies. The introduction of an alternative daily cover (ADC) system like Tarpomatic is the best outcome in achieving this goal. A brief overview of Tarpomatic Tarps or tarpaulins are considered as the most effective ADC that helps in conserving landfill airspace and extend the life of a landfill. These tarps are made from high-strength polyethylene fabric and feature a flame retardant and special UV-protective coating. Special anti-bacterial coating is also applied to minimise contamination and ease the task of cleaning and maintenance. When these covers were introduced, they were deployed and retrieved manually. However, now the same task is done with the help of specialised equipment known as Tarpomatic, Automatic Tarping Machine. Popularly known as ATM, it is a self-contained and patented attachment that easily attaches to the front of a landfill dozer or compactor and makes the task of unrolling and retrieving heavy duty chain weighted, flame retardant tarpaulins easier and quicker. The ATM attaches easily to either the blade of the dozer or compactor which ensures easy and quick hook up as well as removal from the equipment. Now, let's take a look at the advantages of using tarps as an alternative daily cover landfill system. Advantages of using tarpaulins At the end of each day, tarps are deployed over the active work face. This results in greater methane gas collection because the production is not impeded by layers of dirt. In large landfill sites, this methane is used to power turbines to produce electricity that power homes and business's It reduces operational expenses as labour and fuel costs are greatly reduced. In brief, many landfill owners and operators have taken advantage of Automatic Tarping Machines because of all the benefits listed above. These machines can also be leased or rented on a fixed term.
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