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Use of optical lens coating machine

Use of optical lens coating machine


Use of optical lens coating machine

The lenses of the cameras and the eyeglass quality is much better than they used to be.That's because most of the lenses are treated by optical lens coating machine. That is mean lens coating can increase the light transmission and reduce reflections, commonly known as AF coatings.

The lens are made of glass or resin material, and its optical characteristics are fixed.When light passes through the glass it will be refracted and reflected. The different light has different waves .The coating film is mean coat a very thin transparent film on the lens surface to improve the optical performance. Different film have different effects on improving the optical characteristic, and can delay the aging of the lens.

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Coated glass is also called reflective glass. Coated glass is to coat one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film on the surface of the glass to change the optical properties of the glass to meet certain specific requirements. According to the different characteristics of products, coated glass can be divided into the following categories: heat reflective glass, low-e glass (Low-E), conductive film glass, etc.

Heat-reflective glass is generally coated with one or more films composed of metals or their compounds such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel on the surface of the glass, so that the product is rich in color, has an appropriate transmittance for visible light, and has a higher resistance to infrared Reflectivity, to ultraviolet

High absorption rate, therefore, it is also called solar control glass, which is mainly used in buildings and glass curtain walls; low-e glass is a thin film system composed of multiple layers of silver, copper, tin and other metals or their compounds coated on the glass surface. Visible light has high transmittance, high reflectivity to infrared, and good heat insulation performance. It is mainly used in construction, automobiles, ships and other vehicles. Due to the poor film strength, it is generally made of hollow glass. ; Conductive film glass is coated with conductive film such as indium tin oxide on the surface of the glass, which can be used for heating, defrosting, defogging of glass, and as a liquid crystal display.

There are many production methods of coated glass, mainly including vacuum magnetron sputtering method, vacuum evaporation method, chemical vapor deposition method and sol-gel method. Magnetron sputtering coated glass can design and manufacture multi-layer complex film system by using magnetron sputtering technology. It can plate a variety of colors on the white glass substrate. The film has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for production and use. One of the most popular products. Compared with magnetron sputtering coated glass, the variety and quality of vacuum evaporation coated glass has a certain gap, and it has been gradually replaced by vacuum sputtering. The chemical vapor deposition method is to introduce reaction gas into the float glass production line to decompose on the hot glass surface, and evenly deposit on the glass surface to form coated glass. The method is characterized by low equipment investment, easy control, low product cost, good chemical stability, and thermal processing. It is one of the most promising production methods. The sol-gel method for producing coated glass has a simple process and good stability. The disadvantage is that the product has a high light transmittance and poor decoration.

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