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Understand the application range of vacuum coating equipment

Understand the application range of vacuum coating equipment


Understand the application range of vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum coating equipment has a wide range of applications and can be used in many industries. Most of the things we use in our lives are inseparable from coated products, especially metal and plastic products will be more durable after vacuum coating!

The scope of application of vacuum coating equipment is as follows:

1. Architectural hardware: bathroom hardware (such as faucets), door locks, door handles, toilets, door locks, hardware hinges, furniture, etc.

2. Watchmaking: It can be used for the coating of case, strap and crystal products.

3. Other hardware: leather hardware, stainless steel tableware, glasses frames, knives, molds, etc.

4. Large workpieces: car wheels, stainless steel plates, signboards, sculptures, etc.

5. Stainless steel tubes and plates (various types of surfaces)

6. Furniture, lamps, hotel appliances

7. Locks, handles, bathroom hardware, golf heads, stainless steel tableware, blood vessels and other hardware products are all plated with superhard decorative films.

8. Watches, straps, glasses, jewelry and other accessories are plated with super wear-resistant decorative (gold, silver) nano-film, nano-film, nano-composite film.

Optical applications: mirrors, anti-reflection films, filters; such as astronomical telescopes, architectural glass, cameras, lamps, etc.

Electronic applications: conductive film, insulating film, protective film; such as logic elements, arithmetic units, magnetic sheets, CCDs, etc.

Display applications: transparent conductive film, camera tube conductive film; such as LCD and video heads.

Ingredients: Evaporated nickel, aluminum and cermet; such as electronics, capacitors, photocopier toner cartridges.

Textiles: decorative films; such as metallic patterns, gold and silver threads.

Die: The tool has a hard coating.

Consumer goods: such as panels, handrails, railings, stainless steel sheets, mobile phone cases, cigarette papers, etc.

Vacuum coating paint. Vacuum coating paint is one of the indispensable materials for vacuum coating technology. It can be used as both a primer and a top coat. As a primer, it can improve brightness and specular reflection, improve the adhesion of aluminum film and substrate, and seal the substrate.

Coating machines can be divided into electronic evaporation coating machines, magnetron sputtering coating machines, plasma coating machines, radio frequency coating machines, Guanxue coating machines and so on according to their wide application fields, but their structures are the same:

It mainly consists of three major parts: vacuum main body - vacuum chamber, auxiliary exhaust system (including exhaust system, vacuum measurement system), evaporation system (including crucible and rotary control system, electron gun cabinet), film forming control system.

Mainly used in hardware, glass handicrafts, ceramic handicrafts, etc., such as watches, mobile phone metal shells, computers, sanitary ware, knives, models, electronic products, plastic products, acrylic sheets, ceramics, resins, crystal glass products, etc., cosmetic bags, etc., Handicrafts, plastic mobile phone cases, electronic products, building materials and other industries, lamps, mobile phone windows, eyes, stage lighting, etc.

In short, it has a wide range of uses and can be customized according to needs.

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