Ultimate Linings industrial product formulations

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-18
For those who are in the market for buying Epoxy Coating, the following things should be taken into account before you make your purchase. While all of these factors should be taken into consideration, emphasis differs based on your personal requirements and what you intend to use the epoxy coating for. 1. Corrosion Protection This determines the general wear-and-tear an epoxy coat can take from the elements; it is especially important when the coating is to be applied to any surface that is expected to be out-of-doors a lot. It measures the general rate that the epoxy resins avoid deterioration from time and general abuse. A higher corrosion protection rating means that, in general, the protective epoxy coat lasts longer overall. 2. Chemical Protection This is a rating that measures the epoxys protective measure against solvents, acids, and other chemicals that, when directly applied to a coating with lower Chemical Protection ratings, will dissolve the epoxy and quite probably damage the materials underneath it. Higher chemical protection ratings are very important in cases where the materials and items being coated with epoxy can be expected to encounter such corrosive substances. Chemical protection is a general rating by and large, but there are also specially designed epoxies available, usually for industrial purposes, that are made to counteract the effects of certain corrosive chemicals. If your epoxy coating is expected to encounter exposure to these chemicals, look for epoxy brands that will be resistant to them. 3. Water Proofing In general, moisture also contributes to the general deterioration of an epoxy coating. High waterproofing ratings will help stave this off. This is especially important is some cases where the materials being coated are especially sensitive to water damage, for example, certain kinds of wood or metal. Also, there are specialized water-proof epoxy coats designed to protect items under water; if your coating is meant for such an endeavor, like a wooden boat, it is highly recommended you get water-proof epoxy coatings and sealants. 4. Heat Proofing Heat naturally contributes to the damage of epoxy, in effect baking it and making it more brittle. While this initially makes most epoxies harder, in the long run exposure to high levels of thermal stress will make the epoxy coating so brittle that it will flake off in chips, leaving the protected material vulnerable to the elements again. High heat proofing ratings are recommended for use in areas where the materials coated with the epoxy will be expected to encounter high temperatures. 5. UV shielding This slightly differs from heat proofing in that its a specialized form of it. Specifically, UV, or ultra violet shielding, is designed to protect from the suns rays. The deterioration effects that epoxy coats suffer as a result of prolonged exposure to UV rays differ enough from normal heat damage to merit its own protection rating in some epoxy coatings. This becomes especially important if the materials being coated are expected to be out-of-doors a lot. 6. NonSlip Finishes While not a rating of epoxy coatings per se, this is still a feature you may want to take into account. Non-slip finishes are designed to avoid the reduction of friction that sometimes accompanies giving anything an epoxy coating. Ultimate Linings elastomer technology polyurea coatings have been specifically formulated for the advanced Protective and Specialty Coatings Contractor. Our product line is designed around the professional applicator that has field installation experience and all the required surface preparation and application equipment. Unlike other liner manufacturers that started with one product Ultimate Linings has a full array of coating systems engineered for use under the most extreme conditions. With years of chemical and application experience, we understand that no single product can do it all. Regardless of whether your installation calls for the protection of steel surfaces and structures or you are looking for a quick curing coating system for unlimited general construction and manufacturing applications, Ultimate Linings has the right primer, base, and top coat system to meet your specific needs. With the right high pressure application equipment, products are being applied in some of the most demanding arenas.
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