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Types of vacuum evaporation coationg machines

Types of vacuum evaporation coationg machines


Types of vacuum evaporation coationg machines

Vacuum evaporation coating machines can be divided into resistance evaporation coating, electron beam evaporation coating, high frequency induction heating evaporation coating, arc heating evaporation coating, etc. according to different evaporation sources. Among them, resistance evaporation coating is the most widely used one, and its resistance evaporation The source is usually made of tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum.

evaporation coationg machine

Vacuum evaporation is to heat the raw material to be formed into a thin film in a vacuum chamber to vaporize and escape atoms or molecules from the surface, forming a vapor stream that is incident on the surface of a solid (called a substrate or a substrate) to condense to form a solid thin film. Regarding the shape of the evaporation source, according to the nature of the evaporation material, combined with the wettability of the evaporation material, it can be made into different forms and different evaporation source materials can be selected.

   There are three layers of vacuum evaporation: primer layer (6~12um) + coating layer (1~2um) + top coating layer (10um). Wipe impurities and dust on the surface of the substrate with a cloth to improve the spray yield. Assemble the base material on a special hanger to fix it on the assembly line, and realize the appearance and function of the mask according to the design requirements. Since the substrate is a plastic part, air bubbles and organic gases will remain during injection molding. The surface of the plastic is not smooth enough, and the direct vapor deposition has poor adsorption and is not smooth. Applying a primer will improve the adhesion of the coating and the surface will be smooth and smooth. . The pendant is assembled in a vacuum container and heated to realize evaporation.

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