Two Roll Mill Lab Model

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-20
S.V. Industries offers the chemplast two roll mill pigment testing machine with fixed speed and friction is laid out for constant working condition. The machine is available with roll diameters of 130mm. The roll driven by geared A.C. / D.C. Motor 2 H.P. The rear roll is driven by M.S. gears for constant frictions. Modifications for speed and friction are possible to meet individual requirements within certain steps. The rolls are aligned in C.I. walls. The rear rolls is in a fixed position for good access to the rolls. The front roll can be moved with a M.S. Screw fitting with Bakelite knob. Hydraulic Press Lab Model The 'CHEMPLAST' hydraulic press lab model is laid out as four column press. The machine can be used to produce all kind of flat samples in the laboratory. Working dimension are laid out for all laboratory standards and for the use of mould. Press force can be set with a hydraulic pressure control unit between 10 and 100%. A pressure gauge shows the actual pressure. All functions are controlled by valves and controller system. All hydraulic units are connected on a valve bank. Heating energy is provided by a plate type heater. Pigment Muller Machine Chemplast Muller has been special designed for the Pigment, Printing ink, Paint, Coating, Plastic, Electronic Chemical and Cosmetic Industries for accurate and comparison of color strength, color matching, particle strength and dispensability in oil and varnishes at laboratory level. Extremely useful instrument for quality control of production batches to improve your product quality to international standard. Uniform pressure applied by leverage. Non contact type electronic digital counter set and trip counter with power fail memory for very long life working. Tripal Roll Mill S.V. Industries offers exclusive triple roll mills used for Printing inks, Coatings, Cosmetics and Allie Chemical Industries available in various models and sizes. Special deluxe models are also available and very useful for dust free protection. Hydraulic triple roll mill with complete power saving system and all built in gauger, electrical available.
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