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Two forms and advantages of PVD vacuum aluminum coating equipment

Two forms and advantages of PVD vacuum aluminum coating equipment


Two forms and advantages of PVD vacuum aluminum coating equipment

PVD vacuum coating machine

PVD vacuum aluminum coating machines have a variety of varieties, including multi-arc ion vacuum coating machines, winding coating machines, resistance evaporation vacuum coating machines,  super-hard tool coating machines and other spare parts, technology and new materials, which make the quality of the craft products greatly improve.

The commonly used methods in vacuum coating are vacuum evaporation and ion sputtering, both of which can be plated into corresponding colors. Vacuum evaporation coating is more extensive, commonly used resistance heating method, simple and convenient, low cost, but not suitable for difficult metals and high temperature resistant dielectric materials; but as abrasion resistance, sputtering coating has better prospects. Different sputtering technologies use different glow discharge methods. Any substance can be sputtered, especially elements and compounds with high melting point and low vapor pressure, but the equipment is more complicated and requires high-voltage devices. If the two sputtering methods are combined, that is, ion plating, the resulting film and the substrate will have strong adhesion, high deposition rate, and high film density, which greatly improves the disadvantages of their respective technologies.

With the development of the times, modern people pay more and more attention to the appearance of objects. For example, our mobile phone shells, car coatings, etc., the surface of these products are covered with a thin layer of film, while enhancing the beauty and other functions, there are many functions we don't know.

For example, vacuum coating can increase the anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects of some products. This is because the film can be closely attached to the surface of the product and exposed to air. The use of vacuum coating can effectively resist corrosion, and can effectively prevent some corrosive things and objects from contacting outside, thereby greatly reducing the harm of corrosion.

High temperature resistance, some vacuum wear-resistant materials can effectively reflect some external radiation and prevent high temperature exposure.

Anti-scratch, some coating media are very thick, which can effectively prevent scratches while protecting the surface of the article from damage.

Easy to clean, the surface of the coated product is very smooth, which is more convenient when cleaning.

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