troubleshooting udi quadcopter problems

by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-16
UDI U818A four-helicopter is one of the most popular entries
The level of drones on the market.
The device can be fully charged for about 10 minutes and can capture video.
However, the device is not without a problem and you may encounter problems with pairing, calibration equipment, loose battery and camera shooting video.
Solving these problems on your own will not only save you money, but you can also learn more about the technology while doing it.
The biggest reason why the controller is not working is related to the battery.
If the battery is low, try replacing the battery.
Remotely control the battery cover on the back of the controller and make sure the battery is properly placed in the respective slots.
Maybe someone picked up the remote to push it off, or when you put the controller in the car to go somewhere, the battery was shaken loose, but something could happen that caused the battery to loosen.
If you are sure that the batteries are good and even think that they may have been placed correctly, remove the batteries, wipe any dirt on the connector clean, and put it back into the connector to see if this solves the problem.
The drone will not be paired with the remote to ensure that the UDI drone and the remote are adjacent to each other.
Power off the two devices and restart them.
Sometimes, this method helps two devices recognize each other when there may be other devices nearby causing interference. The worst-
The case scenario is that in an accident, something on your drone is damaged, which prevents it from pairing with the remote control.
Take a closer look at the UDI drone and see if you notice any damaged parts that may need to be replaced.
Go through this process and pair the device again.
The process of pairing the UDI drone with the remote is detailed, and if a simulation stick on the remote is stuck together at some point, it can turn off the whole process.
If you are a UDI four helicopter, the drone will not fly, just splash around and seem to refuse to leave the ground, you can try some options before entering panic mode: recalibrate the drone.
Poor calibration causes the propeller to fail to reach the correct angle, thus leaving the equipment off the ground.
Make sure the propeller is installed correctly.
Or, make sure they don\'t adjust or misplace because of a crash.
Finally, try charging the battery on the drone.
Your UDI drone may not take off from the ground as it does not have enough power.
One of the most interesting aspects of not seeing pictures UDI U818A four-helicopter on your smartphone is that you can see the video drone shot by the drone camera on the smartphone installed on the remote control in flight
Or, it can be incredibly disappointing and frustrating if the feature stops working.
If your camera stops working, there are a few things you need to look into: check the camera on the UDI drone to make sure it\'s OK.
If the camera is damaged due to forced landing or other events, it may not be able to capture anything.
Your only option at this point is to replace the camera.
Your drone may send a signal back, but there may be something nearby that prevents this information from being sent back to your smartphone.
Please make sure to avoid flying near the power cord or mobile tower, but other smaller devices can cause interference as well.
Make sure all necessary cables are firmly connected.
The feed may not be sent if the camera has any loose cables.
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