titanium nitride coating, knowing the quality of comparing the effectiveness of tough coatings

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-02
Effective measurement of hard coating firmness and accessories can be used as a very trustworthy tool.
A coating, such as a titanium nitrogen coating, is placed on a bright steel voucher with a thickness of between 1 and 3 microns.
This steel voucher is comparable in terms of reliability and product type to the accuracy pharmaceutical tools that may be brought about by wear
Anti-coating consisting of blow and transfer, pin and condensation rollers.
Tough coating with good communication shows that there are few or no crack lines extending outward radial from the center of the Dent and also exceed the boundary of the circular dent.
There are no broken islands recessed into the crater or crater boundary.
These well-combined coatings show that the finish is not layered either in the crater or near the covered boundary. 1)
Diamond deposited
Like carbon or DLC, there are many radial crack lines and split islands in the cone
The indented area of the shape generally shows insufficient communication.
Many of the Broken Islands are delaminated from the surface area and the DLC finish is completely delaminated after passing through the cone
Indented, indicating that the attachment is insufficient under high tension problems. 2)IBED-
Nitrogen, titanium or tin deposited. The visibility of the radial crack line is small, and the finish on the cone is torn
The indented surface area of the molding shows excellent communication within the coverage.
Some radial crack lines with very small tears can be seen by indenting the boundary.
Dim position on cone
The Dent of the shape is a sign that the dust debris moves from the gem Dent to the dent area.
Under the obstacle of high anxiety, the lack of several split finish Islands shows a special attachment to the fixed steel base. 3)
The tough chrome plating has a radial crack line that fits the screening, which indicates a natural failure of the tapered chrome/plating
Indented surface area of the shape.
Most of the radial crack lines in the finish extend beyond the indented boundary.
A variety of broken islands have been developed, but neither in the indent nor next to the indent, there is no layering, showing excellent attachment under high anxiety issues. 4)
Nitrogen titanium or tin deposited by Cvd has a high quality radial crack line in the cone
The indenting of the shape also exceeds the indenting boundary, which indicates that the layer has insufficient communication and the layer is highly brittle.
Visibility of broken finishing islands in cones
The dents of the shape and the edge of the dent boundary, several dents that have actually been layered, indicate that the combination with the set steel base is limited under high anxiety disorder.
The depth of deterioration of the covered product can be determined.
Given the use of basic inspection standards, the price of wear obtained is straight, equivalent to measuring the efficiency of each covering, such as a nitrogen-titanium coating, and will certainly minimize wear
Rate of pharmaceutical tools.
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