Though Tablet PCs are much more compact than a

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-22
Example of classroom use Professor Larry DeBrock at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign used a Tablet PC in his Microeconomic Principles class in the Spring 2002 semester. The information in this section is derived from personal communication and presentations made by Professor DeBrock. The reader should note that Professor DeBrock has not yet reviewed this document. Any errors that may be in the following material are those of the current author (Hursh), not Professor DeBrock himself. Microeconomic Principles (ECON 102) is a large lecture format course normally taken by freshmen. There are two lecture sections with enrollments of 660 and 750 students. There are also quiz sections which are handled by teaching assistants. The AquaPad features a Crusoe 5400 processor running at 500 MHz. 'We will start mass production this month,' Chen says. Samples of the device should be available towards the end of the month with a Japanese language version available one month later, he adds. The company won't be selling the AquaPad direct but supplying it as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product to larger vendors.Suarez said that in light of the current economic slowdown and other related conditions, IBM sees Tablet PCs as 'an experiment' that simply does not fit in with what he called Big Blue's current 'back-to-basics' approach to selling IT services and related hardware. Of cutting-edge computer systems like Tablet PC and other devices with unique features such as detachable keyboards, Suarez said, 'There are enough companies out there to sell them in the millions right now, but I don't see it being IBM.' Like Dell officials, Suarez said, 'I've yet to find a customer that has asked for a Tablet PC.' Across the board, Dell, Gateway, and IBM said they would listen to their customers when deciding when and if to go forward with a Tablet PC product, but potential customers at Comdex were sending mixed signals. Chen says talks are currently underway with Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Sotec, Compaq Computer, and Hewlett-Packard, but no deals have been signed. When the AquaPad does go on sale, he estimates the street price will be around $599.
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