thermal spray coating, increasing the life of plastic materials

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
Nowadays, plastic components are increasingly used in the industry, because of the convenience of making these components and the low cost of making them.
While most of the carefully crafted plastic elements can be used, they can also be created and given basic features, in many cases, people must improve the life of these plastic parts by increasing the wear resistance of the surface area.
This is feasible by using a thermal spray coating procedure.
Plastic and polymers are naturally less immune than matched metal parts.
This is due to substantial breakthroughs in plastic product innovation.
One way to improve the wear resistance of the plastic element area, that is, metal spraying, has been proven to be effective and can also be used appropriately if done well.
This coating is capable of depositing many unique alloys, porcelain and metalceramics in many areas to change their surface area properties.
When thermal spray coating is usually deposited on the substrate, the temperature level of the covered substrate does not reach the true high temperature level, although the high temperature level is used to stimulate the coated drill bit that reaches the plastic state, as well as the combination with the underlying substrate, the coating has also been developed.
As a result, thermal spraying can be used to apply a very high layer of wear immunity products, such as hard alloys, to the surface area of the plastic element, thus obtaining the advantage of a very wear-resistant immunity zone to transport to the plastic element.
The recommended procedure for using these coatings to improve the wear quality of plastic elements is sure to comply with the direct action of cleaning elements to eliminate all impurities.
If it can be done without triggering distortion, sand blasting is recommended.
If sandblasting is undesirable, then it is recommended to use the first class bonding layer of nickel-aluminum or nickel-chromium-aluminum lightweight.
Similarly, the dual Arc cable program using the adhesive line is also appropriate.
Adhere to the bonding layer with a leading tungsten layercarbide-
The cobalt of the plasma spraying process can be used, as well as the cobalt that completes the surface area renovation process.
You have to make sure that you are using the service of a well-known thermal spray coated housing that also has a good grasp of the specifications and handling, you will certainly be surprised by the remarkable renovations in the life improvement of your carefully crafted plastic parts.
Also, it is not easy for you to consider the process;
Therefore, the help of experts is very much needed.
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