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There are several vacuum systems for PVD vacuum coating equipment

There are several vacuum systems for PVD vacuum coating equipment


There are several vacuum systems for PVD vacuum coating equipment:

 PVD vacuum coating machine

The vacuum environment of the PVD vacuum coating equipment is achieved by the pumping of the vacuum system. According to different requirements of cleanliness and vacuum, the vacuum system used is also different. Under normal circumstances, vacuum systems are divided into vacuum systems: medium vacuum systems, low vacuum systems, high vacuum systems, ultra-high vacuum systems, and extremely high vacuum systems. The vacuum coating equipment system consists of different main pumps, auxiliary pumps and other vacuum components.


1. Medium and low vacuum system.


The medium vacuum system and the low vacuum system are composed of mechanical pumps or roots pumps and mechanical pumps. To avoid oil pollution, molecular sieve traps are also added to them. However, when the technologist is operating, avoid the inhalation of molecular sieve solid particles in the mechanical pump. .


2. High vacuum system.


The high vacuum system is mainly composed of a diffusion pump, a mechanical pump, a cold trap, a baffle and a flapper valve, etc. The main pump can also be a cryogenic pump or a turbo molecular pump. In order to further reduce oil pollution, titanium sublimation pump, sputtering ion pump, and low temperature baffle can be used together to form an oil-free high vacuum pump group. The front stage pre-pumping uses an adsorption pump.


3. Ultra-high and extremely high vacuum system


High cleanliness is the main symbol of ultra-high and extremely high vacuum systems. High-performance cryopumps, ion pumps, turbomolecular pumps and cold traps are required to achieve ultra-high and extremely high vacuum.

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