There are a growing number of applications for nano coating

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-23
Before looking at specific applications, it is important to understand some of the benefits of applying a nano coating can offer. The primary benefit is that it is hardly noticeable. This is especially important on LCD screens. Since every coating layer is significantly thinner than traditional coatings, most consumers will never know it's there. One of the reasons it is popular to pair nano coating with electronics is its anti-fingerprint and easy to clean properties. The oil left behind from a fingerprint can potentially cause significant damage to electronics over time. It also makes it harder to see what is being displayed on the screen. This makes its anti-fingerprint and easy to clean properties particularly beneficial. Another benefit of nano coating is that it provides abrasion and scratch resistance. This makes its application across a variety of products extremely beneficial. By providing additional resistance to abrasion and scratching, it can significantly extend the lifespan of consumer products and manufacturing equipment. Plus, the surface roughness is smoother than without a coating which is particularly helpful in a manufacturing environment where abrasion quickly causes large amounts of heat which can disrupt the manufacturing process. Some of the most popular nano coating applications include display screens and mobile devices. This includes LCDs, digital cameras, camcorders, touch panels of monitors, and smart phones. The scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint properties are particularly helpful for these products. Along with the display windows, nano coatings can also be applied to the exterior case making a smart phone water resistant. Nano coatings have also become popular within the automotive industry. It is most often used on automobile windows, mirrors, and panels around the instrument dashboard. The automotive industry gains the same benefits of using nano coatings as the electronics industry. Some additional applications include applying a coating on glasses and sunglasses, sensors on medical instruments, the face protection window of motorcycle helmets, and even accuracy processing parts. Over the past decade, nano coatings have taken a gigantic leap forward. The industries which can take advantage of this technology continue to expand as additional properties are discovered and improved. There is little doubt nano coatings will continue to be utilized in a growing number of industries and in a variety of different ways.
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