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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-01
Anti-radiation sunglasses purchased in the road stand lack of safety We can found stylish sunglasses that are shown in many places and the prices are always diversification. The lenses which are made with plastic are cheaper than other materials. But if people only choose the cheaper materials as their options for eyeglasses, they will suffer from many troubles. For example, some sunglasses are novel and cute with the design, but the lenses are rather thin and crisp which are similar to the plastic. But they always are easier to be broken in the flexible design processes because the plastic materials are lack of durability. Inferior sunglasses are easy to induce eye diseases UV-blocking sunglasses are usually specially made with the multilayer reflectance coating which can filter the great mass of UV rays. The optical wave between 280nm and 400nm can provide the protections for eyes. However, not all the sunglasses function well with UV protections. The inferior sunglasses are inferior with the UV functions as their waves are shorter than 280nm, and even they carry on the drawbacks, such as rough and uneven light with the surface of lenses which are easy to make the scattering light and poor light, long-term suffer from theses factors that will cause the eyestrains or even the eyes problems such as myopia, hyperopia , astigmatism and so forth. Generally speaking, it is important to buy sunglases with good quality.Now, you can get free sunglasses with good qualty from firmoo optical store.
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