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The wave of gradient color coating process--PVD coating process

The wave of gradient color coating process--PVD coating process


The PVD coating process is one of the mainstream processes in the field of 3C electronics. Recently, the P20 Aurora color mobile phone released by Huawei has adopted the PVD vacuum gradient coating process, leading the wave of a new generation of gradient color coating process.

The typical PVD vacuum graded coating is the Huawei P20. It is a multi-layer optical coating directly on the curved glass cover to achieve a gradual structural color

Huawei P20 gradient effect is to change the film thickness of the lower and middle areas of the glass substrate (forming incremental or decreasing changes) by sputtering to form a specific iridescent band. The difficulty is that the gradient of the spectral color is very difficult. Control, it is necessary to constantly adjust the internal correction plate of the sputter to control the optical thickness of different areas of the glass, and this process is also subject to the supply chain. It is understood that this technology is supported by mass production by Bourne Optics and Lansi Technology.


It is understood that OPPO R15 gradient color process includes UV transfer, PVD coating, ribbon transfer and silk screen cover, etc., the decisive process is ribbon transfer, Decorative film color is the ribbon is rotated by heat transfer Adhere to the PET film and then attach it to the glass cover. It is understood that the supplier of coloring materials is a Korean manufacturer.

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