The very first shot blasting equipment in the

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-21
In the 1970s, the world's very first mobile blast cleaning equipment is created by BLASTRAC. Its application regions have expanded quickly for the coating on concrete surface as well as the corrosion resistant coat on the metal surface of ship's deck. It leads directly the industry standards and construction specification. With the equipments improvement and technology mature, the equipment species of BLASTRAC have already been extended from the earliest walking tractor for the propelled and automobile carried. The amplitude of shot blasting has evolved from the earliest 25 centimeters to various widths applied to versatile efficiency. Its drive styles include motor, hydraulic pressure, gasoline engine and diesel engine. With the technologies matures, the ceaseless innovation of technologies and the diversified types of gear, the shot blasting procedure and equipment have been applied widely in Europe and North America regarding the distinctive technical characteristics and application effects. The applied scope is expanded from the original industrial coating to the construction and upkeep of airports, highways and bridges. The shot blasting is actually a technique of surface treatment by which the steel shots are cast at high speeds (about 70 meter per second) and specific angle on the operating surface by mechanical strategy. The steel shots are casted at high speeds on the working surface to clean impurities, attachments along with other undesirable substance. Below the unfavorable pressure created by dust extraction equipment along with the bounces, the steel shots come back to the separation technique with impurities to be separated automatically and be reclaimed respectively. The excellent steel shots continue to become recycled inside the shot blasting machine. The mobile shot blasting equipment is mature technology equipment created on the basis of the shot blasting process. A full suit from the shot blasting gear is commonly composed from the shot blasting machine as well as the matching dust extraction equipment. In accordance with different species of mobile shot blasting equipments, the two parts might be either separate or integrated.
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