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The vacuum coating machine is performing the Ion-coating metallization coating process

The vacuum coating machine is performing the Ion-coating metallization coating process


The vacuum coating machine is performing the Ion-coating metallization coating process

PVD vacuum coating machine

Ion-coating metallization coating process: first evacuate the vacuum chamber of the coating machine to a vacuum of 5X10⁻⁵Pa, and pass Ar to a pressure of 1Pa~5Pa. When a high voltage of 2kV~5kV is applied between the anode and the cathode, the discharge will be a current density of 0.5mA/cm². The effect of ion bombardment is used to "clean" the ceramic surface. The length of ion bombardment time is determined by the material and its surface properties. The ammeter connected in series in the high-voltage circuit serves as an indicator of the discharge current. When the current drops to a certain stable value, the "cleaning" process of the ceramic surface has been completed. Then the movable baffle is removed, the metal is evaporated by the hot wire, and the metal vapor is ionized into positive ions by the electric field, and a solid metal film is formed during the ion bombardment of the ceramic. After the metal film is formed, the metal coating can be made to the required thickness through processes such as ion coating or vacuum evaporation, and finally the metal part and the ion-coated metalized ceramic part are sealed.

The application of vacuum coating machine technology in optical instruments. The optical instruments that everyone knows include binoculars, microscopes, cameras, rangefinders, as well as mirrors, glasses, magnifiers, etc. in daily necessities. They are all inseparable from coating skills. There are several types of films, such as reflective film, antireflection film and absorption film.

The application of the coating machine process in the manufacture of integrated circuits, the protective layer (SiO2, Si3N4) and electrode pipelines (polysilicon, aluminum, copper and their alloys) in the transistor circuit of the coating machine mostly use CVD skills, PVCD skills, and vacuum evaporation metal Skills, magnetron sputtering skills and radio frequency sputtering skills. It can be seen that vapor deposition technology is one of the core skills of preparing integrated circuits.

The application of coating machine technology in decorations follows the economic development and the progress of living standards. Everyone likes to use watch cases, watchbands, clothing, lighting, glasses frames, indoor and outdoor decorations, hardware bags, mobile phone cases, mobile phone screens, The sanitary ware, food packaging and other decorations are decorated in various colors.

The coating technology is used in aircraft protective coatings. The titanium alloy fasteners of aircrafts were originally electroplated with cadmium. However, the cadmium plating contains hydrogen, so it is corroded by the atmosphere and seawater during the flight, and "cadmium brittleness" simply occurs on the plating layer, and even "air crash". In 1964, the ion plating method was used to plate aluminum on titanium alloy fasteners, which solved the problem of "cadmium brittleness" of aircraft parts. In ion plating technology, because a negative bias is applied to the workpiece, it can form a "pseudo dispersion layer" and refine the film arrangement, which can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the film.

The application of coating machine technology in anti-counterfeiting technology has many types of anti-counterfeiting films, which can be divided into reflective and transmissive methods from the application method; from the film attachment method, it can be divided into direct coating, direct coating or direct coating and clipping.

Application of Coating Machine Technology in Flat Panel Displays All types of flat panel displays need to use various types of films, and almost all types of flat panel display equipment need to use ITO film to meet the requirements of Tongming Electric. It is no exaggeration to say: Without film technology, there would be no flat panel display equipment.

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