the types of roofing materials you should consider

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
Many people spend a lot of time and money making their house look beautiful both inside and outside.
While there are many different ways to enhance the exterior, replacing the roof separately can completely change the look of the home.
Roof materials are sometimes replaced just for beauty, but in some cases they may actually need to be replaced due to damage.
Although they are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, the roof material does not last forever.
Whether installing a new roof for need or for enhancement, there are many different materials to choose from.
Here are some options available :-
Asphalt Tile: The most common type of roofing material used, they are made of fiberglass or organic material.
They have protective coatings of asphalt and mineral particles that help them resist the damage of the weather.
Although there are a lot of colors, the asphalt tile does not look very good.
They are light, flat and relatively cheap.
This roof can be used for about 20 or 30 years. -
Wood tile: usually made of red cedar, Wood tile is thicker than asphalt Wood tile.
To make them safer to use, they are coated with flame retardant.
Since the wood can absorb moisture, the roof must be at a steeper angle when using this type of wood tile.
They need more maintenance because the wood needs to be treated every few years to preserve it and prevent the fungus from growing on it.
Since they may be made from many different types of wood, the weight and price of these wooden tiles may vary greatly. -
Clay bricks: this type of roof can be very heavy, so the roof frame must be strong enough to support the weight.
Clay bricks can be bent or flat with a variety of glaze colors.
They are very expensive and the professional installation is even more expensive.
The biggest benefit of clay bricks is that they can last for hundreds of years with minimal maintenance. -
Slate tiles: made of natural stone, slate tiles are fire-proof and moisture-proof.
According to the source of the slate, they are different in color.
They cost a lot more than even clay tiles.
Because the roof frame is very heavy, it usually has to be reinforced.
Once installed, the slate roof can remain in good condition for more than a hundred years. -
Concrete tile: this type of roof material can be made in various shapes and colors, similar to slate or clay tile or wooden tile.
There are also concrete tiles in the molds locked together, which makes them very easy to install.
They also weigh heavily, so additional support may be required for the roof frame.
They are usually cheaper than clay and slate tiles, but more expensive than wood or asphalt tiles.
These are just a few of the long lists of roof materials.
Choosing the right type usually depends on many factors, such as the spacing of the roof, the climate of the area, and the price range of the individual.
Before replacing the roof, it is best to study the options carefully and consult a professional.
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