The times, they are definitely a-changing, we

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-23
If you grew up in the era that I did, the country was immersed in the early stages of Rock and Roll. Those were the days when the beats were full of energy and the songs full of emotion. But, as spell-binding as the music appeared back then, intoday's society, their tones are considered sweet and gentle. The seventies and early eighties brought a different style of musical entertainment, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop and Instrumentalists were everywhere. These fantastic tunes were full of meaning and had a purpose and a new age was beginning to emerge. Like the butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, great new sounds were beginning to burst forth - and with them came the need for better sound equipment and more audio and vocals blends. Musicians and sound track artists began searching for better ways to combine varieties of music into that something special. Synthesizers became the perfect solution to their equipment problem. Not only can they produce a great beat but they are also capable of changing complete tracks, notes and chords with the mere touch of a button, leaving you free to concentrate on your arrangements and bask in the glory of a job well done. After all, who would not enjoy listening to great renditions of the great golden tunes of yesterday all at the same time, and all with the competent help of a great mixer? The best part of owning these unique units is being able to listen to the fantastic beats and sounds they produce. It can sound almost as if the room were filled with dozens of instrumentals, but you know that they are all coming from one workstation. One of the very best instruments available today is the Kronos 61, a veritable powerhouse of features available at your fingertips and ready to produce the music of your dreams. Not only can it run circles around the competition with its ability to multi-task, but also its versatility is first rate. Top it all off with its ease of operation and the capability to produce the best in vibrant sounds, this compact unit only gets better with age. This means that all of the special features that are included are sure to please the most avid music lover or full time musician for many years. If I were a musician looking to create a great vibrant melody with the most response and the least amount of resistance, the Korg Synth would be my choicefor optimum performance, excellence in quality and at a great affordable price.
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