The Sony AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-10
The Sony SDX1-35C, is the first generation of this reliable and most productive media format, as a inventor Sony uses it's most reliable, patented, and utmost level innovation techniques to form this media format. Offering a high capacity with 35GB in native and 91GB of compressed formation with excellent and secure data transfer speed of 4MB/Sec. The AIT drive uses a very reliable and experienced recording technology which known as Helical Scan. This Helical Scan technology already used in many other magnetic tape drives for better recording density and scalability. The high quality design keeps the cartridge in perfect shape and gives the durability with a 30 years archive existence that is possible with most famous and reliable AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology. The Sony AIT-1 35GB tape, design to meet with high storage capacity environments and adopted some very unique and Sony patented technologies to enhance this media format. The AME is one of unique and reliable technology that gives an extra edge to the base film and enables it to store high capacity with better recording density. The AME includes a perfect coating method through finest metal particles those are smaller and toughest in size and shape and give a extra ordinary dependability and durability to the base film and make it very resistible base film that is perfectly able to compete in very intensive and tough conditions. The Sony AIT-1 Tapes, utilizing a MIC (memory in cassette) technology, which is one of the most dependable components of the different media formats. This memory chip can store important information about the cartridge usage history, communicate with AIT drives during load, and unload process. The MIC accelerates the access speed of drives to the cartridge dependant archives and help drives to reach exact location of stored information. MIC also provides a solid integrity to information and it has maintained these valuable archives directly through the data but keep them separated from the cartridge itself.
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