the situation and development trend of china building coated glass

by:ZHENHUA     2020-04-06
Since the reform and opening-up --
China\'s construction industry is developing rapidly.
The performance requirements of glass are getting higher and higher.
It develops from ordinary flat glass to low
E-coated hollow glass and even amorphous silicon thin film photovoltaic glass.
In the functional development of building glass, coating technology plays a key role.
It can effectively improve the glass, light, heat, power control and realize the composite function of the glass.
Construction Glass coating production status: at present, there are many types and methods of construction coated glass production enterprises, and the quality and size are also uneven.
According to statistics, vacuum evaporation coating or sol-
The production of gel coated glass coating technology is about 270 more than that of small producers. The main products are single thermal mirrors with reflective films or commercial ones. The main objectives are rural and township areas. There are some small cities in construction and decoration.
Using China\'s vacuum magnetic steel coating equipment and technology, more than 180 companies have been produced around the devices, mostly from Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Guangdong and other places, from 20 million to 4 million to 0. 5 billion, big-
Small scale factory, the main product is magnetic heat-
Reflective coated glass with coating and art glass decoration, product quality compared to vacuum evaporation coating and sol-
Gel coated glass is much better, producing heat alone-
The quality and type of reflective film can be comparable to imported zinc oxide products, such as gold thermal reflective film and magnetic control Art mirror.
At present, China has aboutline Low-
E 35 painting production lines with a capacity of about 28 million square meters are under construction or planned to go offlineLow line-
The E coating line is expected to be low at about 2010-
Domestic E coating capacity of 5 billion square meters.
CVD method or PCVD method using online Low-
There are three E-coated glass production companies with large production capacity and further improvement of quality. Low-
E. The equipment used for coating shedding can be divided into four categories.
First, the comprehensive introduction of foreign advanced low
E product line, the second is to introduce foreign key components along the route of foreign equipment and assembly line, and the third is the heat imported in the original-
Reflective production line based on low production transformation
E, four in the digestion and absorption of advanced low-
E production line processing and production technology, based on independent innovation, low manufacturingE product line.
Overall, the glass is deep now
Processing enterprises have realized that the future market demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy and the development of coating products is to acquire advanced production lines for their own economic ability and challenge the industrial structure, the acquisition of domestic production lines and coating equipment manufacturers in China is on line, low-
E-coated products can be purchased off-site co-
To meet the needs of the market and the purpose of development. The glass deep-
Processing enterprises are in a good development trend, the technical content of products is constantly improving, the quality is constantly improving, and the scale is constantly expanding.
However, some manufacturers have achieved immediate success, and some manufacturers have achieved high heat by using
Low reflective coated glass
E-coated glass, posing and some low
E glass, the quality and process are inconsistent, but the quality accidents occur frequently, which affects the entire coating industry to a certain extent.
As the paint industry attaches importance to improving product quality awareness and quality, it will gradually eliminate some outdated facilities and poor quality.
E. Manufacturer of coated glass.
With the vigorous development of the global economy and the general improvement of people\'s living standards, the increasing demand for energy, the energy crisis is becoming more and more prominent, and the stage of energy shortage has emerged.
The competition, friction, the development of new energy and the development and utilization of energy-saving technologies have attracted more and more attention from all over the world. Energy-saving and renewable energy have formed consensus all over the world.
Building energy consumption, as a big and realistic problem affecting people\'s lives and health, how to improve building energy efficiency and green building standards for building energy efficiency has become the focus of attention. Low-
E-coated glass and thin
Thin film photovoltaic glass will become the mainstream trend of energy market
Energy conservation, environmental protection, green energy, and solar energy integration play a decisive role in the construction of green buildings.
Market demand, good development potential, adapt to the energy-saving policy, is a building coating manufacturer-
Relevant key points, in order to better protect the healthy development of the construction paint market, production enterprises need to focus on the following aspects.
First, manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to the development ability of sustainable technology, and have certain new product development ability and titanium dioxide technology development ability.
The second is to increase investment in product testing equipment and improve product testing methods and product quality.
The third is to eliminate backward technologies in combination with market conditions.
At the same time, adjust the company\'s product structure in time.
Fourth, manufacturers need to break the traditional wisdom based on their own conditions.
Larger equipment does not mean better quality.
Imported equipment does not mean better than domestic equipment.
However, according to the market target and market share of the enterprise, as long as the Enterprise adapts to the corresponding market area and level, the Enterprise will continue to grow and develop.
The fifth is to focus on enterprise hardware and software. 30% of the energy is used for equipment, 50% for technology, and 20% for management.
Technology is the key to future survival.
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