The roll crusher equipment is a very potential

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-24
Roll crushers have a theoretical maximum reduction ratio of 4:1. If a 2 inch particle is fed to the roll crusher the absolute smallest size one could expect from the crusher is 1/2 inch. Roll crushers will only crush material down to a minimum particle size of about 10 Mesh (2 mm). A roll crusher crushes using compression, with two rolls rotating about a shaft, towards the gap between the rolls. The gap between the rolls is set to the size of product desired, with the realization that the largest feed particle can only be 4 times the gap dimension. Roll crusher equipment has large crushing ratio and can up to 50. This roll crusher can be used to crushing limestone in cement industry. Any company and business that use of the roll crusher equipment or are using the production of roll crusher has a deeper understanding of the improvement the utilization of crushing materials. Spare parts of roll crusher equipment is easy to replace, and has a corresponding reduction in maintenance expense. This machine is suitable for a very large hardness of materials or used for soft materials. Two rollers are driven by two electric motors, and for the opposite direction. Ore is feeding from the upper, broken in two roller's gap. Because of the metal mines use the smooth roll surface, so the role is mainly broken by the crushing.also with the grinding function(when the tooth surface ,mainly broken by the split). After crushing the material discharged by gravity itself. This crusher is characterized by only one pressure between the two rollers, , so it has less over crushing phenomenon. Roll crusher features simple structure, compact and lightweight, reliable, inexpensive, and easy maintenance, and uniform size crushing, grinding small, fine particle size (which can be broken to 3.0mm below). Therefore, suitable for brittle materials and for handling viscous materials (such as tungsten ore), as used in the middle and fine crushing. Roll crusher main disadvantage is the low processing power. The equipment featured with small volume, big reduction ratio(5~8), low noise, high output, high crushing efficiency and convenient maintenance, etc. It is suitable for crushing minerals in mining industry, metallurgy industry, building industry and so on. hammer crusher: Raymond mill: Vibratory feeder:
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