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The reason for the rapid development of the coating technology of PVD vacuum sputtering coating equipment

The reason for the rapid development of the coating technology of PVD vacuum sputtering coating equipment


The reason for the rapid development of the coating technology of PVD vacuum sputtering coating equipment

As early as 1842, Grove had discovered the phenomenon of cathode sputtering. He discovered this when he was conducting research on the cathode corrosion problem of electron tubes, and he concluded that the cathode material would migrate to the wall of the vacuum tube. Since 1870, the principle of sputtering has been applied to pvd vacuum sputtering coating equipment. However, the development of sputtering coating process has been slow in the past 100 years. After 1940, it was discovered that the sputtering film has extremely excellent performance. At the same time, various new processes for improving the sputtering device and increasing the sputtering coating rate have appeared one after another, and later reached the level of practicality, which made the vacuum sputtering coating machine Technology has developed rapidly and has been widely used in industry.

PVD vacuum coating equipment

Magnetron sputtering technology can prepare decorative films, hard films, corrosion-resistant friction films, superconducting films, magnetic films, optical films, and various films with special functions. It is a very effective film deposition method. Industrial applications are very extensive.


"sputtering" refers to particles with a certain energy (usually Ar+ ions) bombarding the surface of a solid (target), causing molecules or atoms of the solid (target) to leave the solid, eject from the surface, and deposit on the workpiece to be plated. Magnetron sputtering is to establish a magnetic field orthogonal to the electric field on the surface of the target. The electrons are accelerated by the electric field and bound by the magnetic field. The trajectory becomes a cycloid, which increases the collision probability of electrons with charged particles and gas molecules. Improve the gas ionization rate and increase the deposition rate.

Magnetron sputtering technology has higher particle energy and better film-base bonding force than evaporation technology. "Magnetron sputtering ion coating technology" is based on ordinary magnetron sputtering technology, applying a bias on the surface of the workpiece to be plated. , Metal ions are deposited on the surface of the workpiece under the force of the bias voltage field, and the film quality and film base bonding force are far better than ordinary magnetron sputtering coating technology.

According to the shape of the target material, magnetron sputtering targets can be divided into circular magnetron sputtering targets, planar magnetron sputtering targets and cylindrical magnetron sputtering targets. Circular targets are mainly used in scientific research and a small number of industrial applications. Planar targets and cylindrical targets are widely used in industry, especially cylindrical targets, which are more and more used due to their ultra-high target utilization and stable working conditions. .

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