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The principle of gradient color of magnetic control vacuum coating machine

The principle of gradient color of magnetic control vacuum coating machine


The process of gradual change color is generally made by magnetron sputtering optical coating machine. At present, the back cover of many mobile phones adopts PVD vacuum coating gradual change color process. Of course, optical coating machine and evaporation coating machine can also make similar rainbow seven color effect, but the colors are not regular gradients and there are still has differences in quality.

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Magnetron sputtering is a kind of physical vapor deposition. The general sputtering method can be used to coat metal, semiconductor, insulator and other materials, and has the characteristics of large loading capacity , easy to operation, the coating film is very fine and smooth, with good adhesion and so on.

At present, the dividends of gradient phones have gradually been highlighted. Everyone is very curious while praising the beauty of the gradient to us, how is this process achieved?

Principle: Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology means that under vacuum conditions, using a physical method, the material source-solid or liquid surface is vaporized into gaseous atoms, molecules or parts ionized into ions, and through low-pressure gas (or Plasma) process, a technique of depositing a thin film with a special function on the surface of the substrate.

By controlling different targets, the thickness of the deposited film and other parameters, under the effects of light reflection, refraction and interference, the film will show different colors.

The main methods of physical vapor deposition are: vacuum evaporation, sputter coating, plasma coating, ion coating, and molecular beam epitaxy.

The aurora color process of a well-known series of mobile phone cases is realized by sputter coating, but the process and target materials have been innovatively improved. In the space of the plating furnace, bombard a specific target with ultra-high-speed electrons, and use a specific shield to cover a part of the ion cloud, and only let the other part of the ion cloud attach to the glass surface, forming a layer of polar Thin nano-coating. By controlling the thickness of the plating layer to form a nano-level thickness difference, and then spraying the background color, the mysterious aurora color is achieved.

Metal target

Nickel target, titanium target, zinc target, chromium target, magnesium target, niobium target, tin target, aluminum target, indium target, iron target, zirconium aluminum target, titanium aluminum target, zirconium target, copper target, tantalum target, germanium target, Silver target, cobalt target, gold target, gadolinium target, lanthanum target, yttrium target, cerium target, hafnium target, molybdenum target, iron nickel target, vanadium target, tungsten target, stainless steel target, nickel iron target, iron cobalt target, nickel chromium target Target, copper indium gallium target, etc.

The principle of gradient color of magnetic control vacuum coating machine/The principle of gradient color of magnetic control vacuum coating machine

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