The pain just won't stop - the pounding and aching

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-05
There are five headache-types that appear commonly and they're all linked to optical issues. The number one cause of headaches stems from vision problems. The inability to see will cause strain on your eyes, causing them to squint. When you squint, you're putting pressure on your eyes, nose, and nasal cavity - resulting in a headache. Additionally, since your eyes a straining, you're putting more pressure on your eyes which can cause a headache. The sun is another headache proponent. Leaving your eyes unprotected from the sun will result in a headache due to the UV exposure and, again, squinting. There's no reason to strain your eyes - just wear a simple pair of sunglasses. Glare is another cause of headaches and it's extremely easy to avoid. Since we're heavily exposed to glare via sunlight, computer screens, and even our cell phones, our eyes work harder and harder to focus - causing strain that is completely unnecessary. An anti-glare coating on your glasses or a glare-free computer screen shield will help. Another headache proponent is actually more serious because the headache may be a symptom. Eye diseases often appear with the first sign being a headache. For this reason, people who suffer from prolonged headaches are encouraged to visit their ophthalmologist if the headache occurs for more than 72-hours. Many cataracts and glaucoma patients noted that a headache was the first sign of their disease and many of these people also noted that they were able to save their eye sight as well as get rid of the discomfort by visiting their eye doctor early. The solution to many of the problems written above results in one small object: eyeglasses. Prescription glasses that are made to your most recent prescription will help solve your distance problems and many vision related issues. Getting a pair of glasses with tinted lenses (and a UV coating) will help block out the sun's UV rays and keep you from squinting. You can also block out glare with polarized sunglasses. As written above, a simple anti-glare or anti-reflective coating placed on eyeglass lenses will help reduce the glare and get rid of glare-related headaches. This coating is especially helpful when driving. If you've been diagnosed with an eye disease, it may be time to ditch your contact lenses and opt for a fashionable pair of prescription glasses. This will allow your eyes to heal and breathe during and after treatment. Sometimes, all you need to get rid of a prolonged headache is a simple pair of prescription eyeglasses and a new eyeglasses prescription when your vision changes. It really can be just that simple.
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