the origin of spray paint

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Hillary Greenbaum and Dana rubinsdinov
2011, a paint salesman from North Illinois created rebels, gang members, artists and anti-rebels
Protesters on Wall Street say they have only confirmed that inventors are neither in control nor able to predict the impact of their innovations.
After all, Jack Dorsey never thought Twitter would promote Anthony Weiner\'s self. immolation. The spray-
However, paint can have a very practical origin.
Ed Seymour, the owner of a sycamore tree, was ill.
The paint company is looking for an easy way to show the aluminum coating he painted for the radiator.
His wife suggested using a temporary spray gun, like a deodorant.
So, in 1949, Seymour mixed the paint and aerosol in a jar with a painting head.
It turns out that the paint is compressed in a jar for a good surface.
In the early days, Seymour\'s humble creation quickly proved so popular that Seymour began customizing its own manufacturing equipment and eventually expanded to new businesses, including cars and industries. Machine market.
Soon after, go home
Heavyweight furniture like Rust
Smoke sulfuric acid and Krylon jumped into the water.
By 1973, the big spray produced 0. 27 billion cans a year in the United States. S.
According to the consumer Professional Products Association. Last year, U. S. spray-
Paint manufacturers produce 0. 412 billion cans.
By this time, of course, aerosol painting has begun to form an industry that goes beyond home fitting and quickie D. I. Y. projects.
Like the safety pin and punk, it ultimately goes beyond the root of utilitarianism.
Early non-radiator
Painting lovers tend to split into two camps: Protesters and vandals.
While it is not possible to determine that the first student or activist targeted the gas mist paint tank on cardboard or buildings, the latter\'s ancestors included corn bread and Julio 204 in Philadelphia --and New York-based artist-
Defacers who make labels using this technology (né names)
It is well known in 1970s and 60.
After all, painting is the ideal medium for this brand form.
It\'s small and easy-to-conceal, easy-to-steal cans.
It is a paint and brush.
It\'s done soon.
It works well on building materials and Metro vehicles.
Perhaps more importantly, inaccurate applications make it an inherent disregard.
It cannot be fully controlled, which also makes it a proper metaphor for rebellion.
In other words, this is very bad.
Public anger and laws restricting the sale of paint for teenagers follow.
Not all the fans are scared, though.
\"There\'s a Red Devil spray --
The paint factory in Mount Vernon is close to the finish line of 2 and 5 trains in the Bronx, \"said graffiti artist Caleb Neelon wiwi.
\"There are a few great legends about breaking into the factory for the eventual theft of the store.
According to Neelon\'s ad, he wrote \"History of American Graffiti\" with Roger Gastman, without much choice
High quality paint in those days.
American spray
Paint Wei portrait Krylon anti-rust
Smoke and sulfuric acid resist the attack.
Artists Market, refusing to upgrade their colors or valves to allow more creative labels.
However, in recent years, the illegal status of graffiti has softened through the embrace of guerrilla art in the auction circle.
In 2006, Angelina Jolie paid $226,000 for a painting called \"Picnic\", which was painted by Banksy, an artist who became famous through graffiti.
The picture is characterized by hungry Africans watching the white family picnic.
Banksy sold \"Keep It Spotless\" for $1 \".
8 million two years later.
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In the post-90 s European Revolution, serious graffiti writers noticed the influx of more people
Quality paint produced by European companies.
\"To be honest, if you win the Graffiti Award, you can take home a palette of different colors painted in the US or Europe,\" Neelon said . \".
\"European pigments now have the colors of names such as Kunes and crazy C psychological pink, as well as properties such as weather resistance and ultraviolet rays. protection.
Companies such as Montana, based in Spain;
Molotow, based in Germany;
Ironlak, based in Australia, is pleased to work with street artists.
They provide professional services.
Class enhancements such as different types of valves that discharge different types of smoke. (
Some artists now complain that American alternatives are like buying a tube of paint with only one brush. )
\"From the pressure, the control you can get with the jar is amazing,\" Gastman said . \".
Such innovation is not without feedback.
Some inkjet writers believe that the European brand is \"fancy paint\" and insist on using Ohio-based Krylon and Rust-in pursuit of lost authenticity-
Oleum, just outside Chicago.
\"American writers really want to be loyal to Rusto,\" Neelon said . \". “Rust-
Felt like Ford F-
Paint 150.
It\'s the paint of the workers.
\"A version of this article was printed on page MM22 of Sunday magazine on November 6, 2011 with the title: painting.
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