The next generation AIT (advanced intelligent

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-13
The AIT 4 Tape are capable with WORM function which is the brilliant concept to protect very intensive data, WORM (Write Once Read Many) format offers excellent data preservation and prevent archival from erasing, modification and overwriting, therefore most compliance storage settings uses this WORM cartridge for long lasting data preservation. Sony patented and experienced AME II (Advanced Metal Evaporated II) technology helps AIT-4 tapes to adopt more storage capacity with helping of reliable process and coating system, this technology is protected base film surface and enhanced its density as well give lofted recording ability with excellent performance. Another Sony excellent durable technology the R-MIC (Remote Memory in Cassette) feature a non-contact flash memory chip that is able to store most reliable and important information about the cartridge's index and historical records. And also accelerate desired data research speed during load and unload processes. Sony has always focused on new technology enhanced methods which able to improve storage reliability DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating techniques is one of the kind which helps to protect base film surface and offers excellent smoother coating that is very hard just like diamonds and 20 times stronger than metal oxides for elevated reliability and its existence. The AIT-4 tapes offers excellent energetic tacking ability for both retrieving and recording data and facilitate for even slightest track pitch with more consistency. FG-GMR head (Flux Guide GMR) permits for productivity as high as + 10db when measure up to through predictable installed head. New advanced AME II technology provides a better SNR (Signal To Noise Ratio) outstanding to a much finer cobalt particle dispersal. The reliable AIT 4 Tape Cartridge steadiness is also enhanced due to a novel rear coating development. This latest version of advanced intelligent tape format is a perfect and brilliant solution for the small to large businesses, enterprises, departments and other intensive storage settings. And AIT4 Media is the best and excellent solution for backup needs and intensive storage challenges. This is an excellent storage product which is widely trusted in all sorts of storage environments. AIT4 Media Cartridges are improved with storage capacity and better reliability to archival files and also offers WORM capability for protected important data. All Brands of AIT1, AIT2, AIT3, and AIT 4 with RW and WORM cartridges are recommend at
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