The most important part in glasses are the lenses

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-29
Your Glasses Lenses Questions Answered: Q. What are lenses made from? A. In Most case, glasses lenses are made from standard optical plastic and not from glass as some people think. These plastic lenses are softer than glass lenses but considerably lighter and safer. Q. What are photosensitive lenses and do I need them? A. These are sun-reactive lenses which are clear in normal lighting conditions during the day, and turn almost as dark as sunglasses in strong sunlight. They also have a 100% UV filter. Q. Which lenses coatings should I consider with my glasses? A. There are a few recommended coatings. The most popular are scratch-resistant coating which helps avoid knocks and mild scratch. UV400 protective coating which provides a sunscreen for the eyes. Anti-reflective coating which is recommended for driving and for those using a computer for long periods of time. Q. How easy will the lens scratch? A. There is no one answer to this question. The lens is quire rigid, but we do not recommend putting it to the test. To avoid most lens related damage, you should place the glasses in their protective case when not in use and consider getting a scratch-resistant coating. You should also clean your glasses on a regular basis using a dedicated glasses cleaner and never clean the lens with a tissue or your sleeve. Q. What will happen to my glasses if I need new lenses? A. You might require new lenses because your prescription has changed or because the lens is damaged. Some opticians offer a type of reglazing service which will allow you to keep the frame and have new lenses fitted professionally. Not all opticians offer such service, so you might need to research a bit.
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