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The meaning of vacuum coating of PVD vacuum coating machine

The meaning of vacuum coating of PVD vacuum coating machine


The meaning of vacuum coating of PVD vacuum coating machine

PVD vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating is a method of heating metal or non-metallic materials in a high vacuum to evaporate and condense on the surface of the coated parts to form a thin film. Such as vacuum aluminum plating, vacuum chrome plating and so on.

Vacuum coating is a very important aspect of the application and development of vacuum systems. It is based on vacuum processing technology, using physics or chemistry teaching methods, and absorbing a series of new technologies such as electron beams, molecular beams, and ion beams for scientific research. And actual production provides a new process for thin film preparation.

The vacuum coating process is widely used in titanium steel jewelry. Through the application of coating processing, the surface of the object is coated with a metal film, combined with organic and inorganic materials to improve its physical properties and product appearance changes. The following optical coating processing manufacturers will introduce you to the advantages of vacuum coating.

1. Make the object conductive in appearance;

2. Briefly clean and do not vacuum;

3. Improve the beautiful appearance, smooth appearance, gorgeous metallic luster, and great improvement in decoration;

4. The vacuum coating process can reduce the water absorption rate of the product. The more coating times, the fewer pinholes and the smaller the water absorption, the product is not easy to deform, and the heat resistance is good;

5. Improve the appearance hardness of the product. After vacuum coating treatment, the hardness and wear resistance are greatly improved;

6. It can improve the corrosion resistance of the product. Usually when it encounters moisture or acid-base substances, the oxidation speed will increase. With the protection of the film, it can resist certain corrosion, slow down the oxidation speed, and prolong the use time of the product.

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