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The maintenance of Zhenhua diffusion pump

The maintenance of Zhenhua diffusion pump


The maintenance of Zhenhua diffusion pump


Diffusion pump is one of the most extensive and main tools to obtain high vacuum. Diffusion pump is a secondary pump, which requires mechanical pump as the front pump.


Diffusion pump is mainly composed of pump shell, pump core (stainless steel plate), evaporation pot, heater, cooling pipe (red copper), etc. KT type pump makes the pump shell into a convex cavity between the primary nozzle and the secondary nozzle, which is convenient to increase the air extraction rate. The pump shell is mainly used for the pump core of the device to isolate the atmosphere and condense oil steam. The inner surface is polished and electroplated. It is widely used in optical vacuum coating equipment, sputtering coating equipment, etc.

KT type metal oil diffusion pumps produced by Zhenhua factory include KT-400, KT-500, kt-600, kt-800, KT-1000, etc. some models have obtained CE certification and are sold at home and abroad with Zhenhua vacuum coating equipment.


Diffusion pump should be properly maintained and used in order to give better play to its characteristics. Here are the maintenance precautions of Zhenhua diffusion pump:

A. The oil diffusion pump shall be placed vertically during installation or maintenance to keep the pump core components in normal working condition.

B. When cleaning the parts and pump chamber, first clean them with alcohol or acetone, then scrub them with silk dipped in ether or acetone, and dry them at 80-100 ℃ or blow dry with an electric hair dryer.

C. After cleaning, test pumping and leak detection, and then inject oil. Generally, the oil is changed once every 6 months. The oil change quantity of each model is shown in the table below.

D. At the connection seal, if the seal ring is damaged, need replace sealing ring in time.

E. If the diffusion pump is not used temporarily, the vacuum state shall be maintained at room temperature during storage to avoid oil pollution and parts corrosion of the diffusion pump. And blow out the remaining water in the cooling water jacket.

F. After long-term operation, the performance of the pump gradually deteriorates. If the oil is burned due to long service time or improper operation, need change the new oil in time. When it found that the pumping speed becomes slow, it shall be considered to maintain the diffusion pump in time and do a good job in cleaning and oil change.

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