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The main types of PVD hard coating film are

The main types of PVD hard coating film are


The main types of PVD hard coating film are:


1. TiN——Titanium Nitride (Golden)


(1) Coating effect: reduce friction and low temperature coating to avoid chip accumulation on the knife edge.


(2) Application field: It can be widely used in hardware molds, cutting tools, plastic molds, punching tools and components.


2. DLC lubricating coating (black)


(1) Film effect: low-temperature film formation, dry metal lubricating film, low friction, can reduce friction loss.


(2) Application areas: silver and zinc alloy stamping processing, suitable for various mechanical parts.


3. TiAlN-titanium aluminum nitride (purple black)


(1) Film effect: high thermal stability, high-speed dry cutting is possible.


(2) Application areas: suitable for stainless steel drilling, milling, punching and other processing, as well as high temperature processing of steel, cemented carbide tools, high-speed steel molds, etc.


4. CrN-chromium nitride (silver gray)


(1) Film effect: low-temperature coating, strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and extremely low friction.


(2) Application areas: plastic molds, accessories, suitable for copper, magnesium and aluminum alloy processing, and protect the vulnerable parts of automobiles.


5. TiCN——Titanium Carbide Nitrogen (Rose Gold)


(1) Film effect: The surface has high hardness, smooth surface, suitable for heavy cutting, and avoids the phenomenon of chip accumulation on the knife edge.


(2) Application fields: commonly used in high-speed steel milling cutters (especially wave blade cutters) wire tapping, hob processing, stainless steel, galvanized sheet and other viscous materials such as drawing molds.

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