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The main process flow of optical coating machine coating technology

The main process flow of optical coating machine coating technology


vacuum coating machine

The main technological process of optical vacuum coating technology includes film system design, coating, testing, etc. there are many conditions that affect the coating performance. Different film system design and technological conditions have different effects on the structure and characteristics of the film, among which temperature, deposition rate and vacuum are the three major factors.

There are two possibilities for why the vacuum coating machine is getting slower and slower.


   1. Due to the long time coating inside the equipment, some dirt will vent gas during heating. Therefore, maintenance is required in this case, that is, remove the internal shielding plate by sandblasting or stripping and clean it thoroughly.


  2. Small leaks are not found, especially the sealing of various transmission parts. This situation is more difficult to check. If there is no leak detector, only part of it can be removed or replaced with blind plates to eliminate it. Some people use the needle to inject alcohol to observe the change of the vacuum gauge, but it is generally difficult to judge when the leakage is not large. As for the vacuum 1.9 that you said is actually not high, the leakage rate is based on the volume of your equipment. And the degree of vacuum drop per unit time is not calculated according to the vacuum value. For example, if your vacuum pump has a good pumping speed and a strong pumping capacity, it is possible to overcome the slight leakage and make the vacuum display a higher value.

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