The lightness of the work and put into operation

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-07
One of the latest technologies of metal working is that relating to the use of anodizing for metal melting points in particular that the process of electrochemical metallization pad that allows for a precisely detailed and precise deposition of metal on another metal. This happens through the power unit which includes two flexible cables, an anode connected to a port in turn connected to a positive pole of the power unit. The hand piece is connected to the negative. The electric circuit thus described is closed when the door anode is brought into contact with the surface. At this moment the metal content in the solution is deposited on the metal through a process of electrodeposition of precise basis of a very high speed and then a merger that allows almost immediate. This very special technology designed and developed by the Italian companies of great technology and want to try one of the techniques is now more reliable, accurate, fast and easy to implement on the market that does not require large facilities or equipment provided, and which is used in various industrial sectors. There are many applications that such work can have in everyday work. For example, when the piece is too large or bulky to be immersed in a tank where the piece is equipped with industrial or components that do not allow more than soak in a tub. This process is indispensable when it becomes necessary to act in place for working sheet or where the piece requires a coating too long or too complex for the electrolysis bath. These are just some of the occurrences in which this process becomes necessary to buffer and efficiently. Because the characteristics of this process are that there is a total absence of thermal distortion, tension, cracking due to heat because the process is done completely cold. But when the investment of equipment that make this process become really cheap? Well, to recharge pieces with precise thickness without resorting to machining, to improve the local characteristics of the metal such as hardness, conductivity and weldability. And to remedy the loss of material due to shock, friction, wear and crushing. A technology that surely will find many applications in time for its ease of application and the investment that requires a fairly modest system of this type. Details are also numerous other applications that this processing technique can have no choice but to contact a company that takes care industry to request a quote or more information about it.
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