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The improved coating structure of PVD vacuum coating equipment

The improved coating structure of PVD vacuum coating equipment


The improved coating structure of PVD vacuum coating equipment

According to the problems exposed by the existing comparative sheet structure during use, the comparative sheet structure of the original general coating machine has been improved many times to form the following structure. The occupied area is reduced, but the number of placed comparative pieces is increased to about 20 pieces, and the diameter of the whole mechanism is reduced to Φ89mm. As a result, the number of workpieces loaded on the coating plate of smaller workpieces can be increased, the production efficiency can be improved, the precision of film monitoring can also be improved, the requirements on the hardware system can be reduced, and the automatic control of the system can be easily realized.

The specific action is implemented. After the improvement, the rotation of the multi-piece comparison piece mechanism is fixed on the top plate of the vacuum chamber through the connecting plate 23 and the connecting block 21. The rotation movement of the comparison piece mechanism is input by the rotating sealing shaft into the large gear in the vacuum chamber, which drives the The rotation of the transmission shaft 24 where the pinion is located will finally realize the rotation of the entire comparator mechanism. When the comparison piece is switched between the comparison pieces, the dial 29 is rotated for one station, and a comparison piece is dropped in the comparison piece storage tube 219 to reach the preset position. Inside, each time it is switched, a station is toggled. Among them, the transmission mechanism composed of the transmission shaft 24, the large gear, the pinion and the bearing seat completes the rotation of the dial.

Its characteristics are: (1) reduce the diameter area of the comparison piece mechanism and increase the number of loaded plated workpieces; (2) increase the number of comparison pieces, improve production efficiency, improve the precision of film monitoring, and reduce the requirements for hardware systems, The system is easy to realize automatic control. Disadvantages: The diameter of the comparative sheet is small and long (Φ89×370), which affects the strength and rigidity of its use; because the structure is exposed to the vacuum chamber of the high-temperature sputtering abrasive, its rotation stability and flexibility are affected, and the rotation position is repeated The consistency is poor, and maintenance and cleaning are frequent and labor-intensive.

2. Coating machine comparison sheet optimization design mechanism

In the development process of PVD vacuum coating machine, the vacuum coating machine comparison sheet is responsible for the function of loading the comparison sheet in the optical coating machine. The number of comparison sheets is small, which limits the number of coating layers of the optical film; the effective area of the comparison sheet is small, the adjustment of the optical path is inconvenient, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the optical signal is poor, which seriously affects the quality of the optical film. According to the requirements of current coating products, the existing vacuum coating machine comparison film mechanism can no longer meet the coating requirements of modern optics with more than 30 layers of precision optical films. In order to solve the defects existing in the existing technology, the advantages and disadvantages of the above two comparison piece structures and the requirements of new product coating are combined, and a new generation of comparison piece mechanism is innovatively and optimally designed. The device should meet the following requirements: simple structure; Good repeatability; high reliability; low manufacturing cost.

The multi-piece comparison piece device of the vacuum coating machine has a comparison piece loading transposition mechanism, a rotary seal feeding mechanism and a transposition drive mechanism, as shown in Figure 3.

The transposition drive mechanism is fixed on the top plate 4 of the coating case, and consists of a motor 9, a driving gear 8, a driven gear 7, and a positioning plate 6, wherein the driven gear 7 and the positioning plate 6 are fixed on the shaft 1, and the positioning plate 6 There are 3 evenly divided slits on the top, and the slot-type optical coupling 17 receives the light signal at the slit to control the rotation and stop of the motor.

The rotary seal feed-in mechanism is composed of a Wilson seal mechanism 5 and a bearing seat 2. The outer side of the bearing seat 2 is sleeved with a fixed cylinder 3, which is fixed on the top plate 4 of the coating case body. The loading indexing mechanism is composed of a toggle plate 15 , a support plate 16 , an upper plate 14 and a comparison piece storage cylinder 13 . The toggle shaft 11 connected to the toggle disc 15 is connected to the shaft 1 of the sealing feed-in mechanism through the coupling 10 .

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