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The importance of leak detection in vacuum coating machine

The importance of leak detection in vacuum coating machine


Checking the air leakage of vacuum coating machine is a method to check the vacuum degree of vacuum coating machine, which is called leak detection for short. As the vacuum level will directly affect the coating effect, so leak detection is essential. In general, air leakage in vacuum chamber is generated from some small holes in the chamber wall or the joints between the components. When the air extraction system draws air, the pressure in the vacuum chamber will decrease. The pressure difference between the outside and the inside will make the gas flow from the outside with high pressure to the vacuum chamber with low pressure, resulting in the decrease of the vacuum degree.

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In the process of leak detection, we need to pay attention to some problems in order to do a good job in leak detection, as follows:

1.    It is necessary to confirm whether the leakage is virtual or real, because different materials will release gas in different way after heating, which may be mistaken for the gas flowing from the outside, which is virtual leakage, and this situation should be eliminated.

2.    Test the performance of the gas seal of the vacuum chamber to ensure that the air tightness meets the requirements.

3.    Check the size, shape, position and gas leakage speed of the leakage hole, prepare and implement the solution.

4.    Determine the minimum leak detection rate and leak detection sensitivity of the detection instrument, detect the leak as much as possible, avoid some leaks being ignored, and improve the accuracy of leak detection.

5.    Grasp the reaction time and elimination time of the leak detector, grasp the time well, and ensure that the leak detector works in place. The detection time is less, the leak detection effect is certainly poor, and the time is long, which wastes the gas for leak detection and the artificial electricity cost.

6.    Avoid clogging of leaks. Sometimes, due to operation error, during leak detection, some dust or liquid block the leak, so that there is no leak at this position. However, when these plugs are not blocked due to the increase of internal and external pressure difference or other reasons, the leak still exists.

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