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The evaporation coationg machine produced by our company

The evaporation coationg machine produced by our company


The evaporation coationg machine produced by our company

Vertical double doors evaporation decorative film coating equipment is special equipment which is professional at evaporation coating aluminium and chrome wire,the structure is vertical double doors,fast coating speed,bright color,difficult to contaminated. The equipment can gain the film which has good compactness,high purity and uniform thickness characteristic,belong to green equipment. Processable material including ABS、PS、PP、PC、PVC、nylon,metal,glass,ceramics and TPU etc. The effect can be general plating bright side,matte(semi-matte and all matte),technology of plating wrinkle,wiredrawing,drip-drop and colorful etc.

Remark: The chamber size can be designed by customers'production and special process request.

vacuum coating machine

Introduction of vacuum coating machine and relevant machine

The roll-to-roll coating equipment is widely used. Now it is mainly used for metallization of various films (PET, PVC, CPP, BOPP), etc. and specially treated paper surfaces. It is used in anti-counterfeiting, reflective packaging, decoration, clothing and other industries. So what are the main components of the winding coating equipment?

1. Winding system

The winding system is mainly composed of unwinding rollers, winding rollers, coating drums, guide rollers, tension measuring (controlling) rollers, flattening rollers and resistance test rollers driven by a DC motor. Its function is to follow a certain speed and After the tension transfers the base film to the coating area for plating, the coated base film is rolled into a cylindrical roll film. By controlling the process parameters such as film winding speed, tension and the angle of the flattening roller, it is possible to avoid the generation of wrinkles and obtain a neatly wound film roll.

2. Speed control and tension control

Speed control: The constant linear speed of the strip-shaped substrate is the primary condition to ensure uniform film thickness. Most of the speed control of the winding system strip adopts constant speed control mainly based on current control. The speed can be set in advance and automatically adjusted according to the requirements of the product.

Tension control: Film tension control is a key issue in winding coating equipment. Tension control is related to the deviation of the film, burst tendons, wrinkles and other phenomena.

3. Evaporation system

It consists of evaporation source holder (electrode), evaporation source, wire feed mechanism, etc.

4. Opening mechanism of vacuum chamber: The opening mechanism of large double-chamber semi-continuous evaporation coating machine is generally composed of vacuum chamber body, winding mechanism, sealed large plate, power cabinet, travel switch and trolley. According to the width of the basic material of the coating, determine whether the single door or double door is opened. The vacuum chamber of the common winding coating machine is mostly opened by a single door, and the evaporator is still in the coating chamber.

5. Shielding component: it is to shield the uncoated stripe or mesh on the film. This is a special requirement of the capacitor film. The shielding of the ordinary capacitor is extended along the longitudinal direction of the base film. It is textured.

6. Vacuum system: In general, the winding chamber and the coating chamber of the winding coating equipment each have an independent set of vacuum pumps. In general, the main pump of the vapor deposition chamber of the vacuum exhaust system used by the domestic and foreign coil coating machines is a diffusion pump for forecasting, and the main pump of the winding chamber is an oil diffusion jet pump with a large pumping speed.

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