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The development trend of optical coatings in the optical components industry(pvd optical coating equipment)

The development trend of optical coatings in the optical components industry(pvd optical coating equipment)


The development trend of optical coatings in the optical components industry(pvd optical coating equipment)


optical coating machine

The PVD vacuum coating equipment of optical components refers to the plating of one or more layers or even hundreds of layers of metal film, dielectric film, or a film composed of dielectric film and metal film on an independent substrate material or optical components. System to change the characteristics of light wave transmission, including light reflection, scattering, transmission, polarization, absorption and phase change. At present, the characteristics of anti-reflection, polarization splitting, and accurate positioning of spectral wavelength (usually at the nanometer level) of precision optical coatings are difficult to replace by other technologies. Therefore, pvd optical coating equipment technology has a high technical threshold and is used as an optical component processing. The key technology, its current high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost mass production technology is still only mastered by a few pvd optical vacuum coating machine companies.


Since the rapid development of optoelectronic application products driven by digitalization in the late 1990s, the application industry of optical components has become more and more extensive, from optical sensing, communication technology, lighting, information storage, energy detection, processing, transmission and display, to modern Such as the production and application of industries such as aerospace, automotive, life sciences, etc., it exists in most areas of modern people’s life and economic activities. Conventional application products include security monitoring equipment, car lenses, smart phones, digital cameras, projectors, and Optical disc players, high-end application products include aerospace biometric equipment, monitoring lenses, DNA sequencing in life sciences and other research equipment, semiconductor testing equipment, medical inspection equipment lenses, 3D printers, large field of view projection lenses (such as IMAX) and other instruments Optical lens and optical components required by the equipment.


With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing processes, electronic products such as smart phones and digital cameras have gradually become important consumer products for residents. The acceleration of their replacement and shortening of product cycles have led to the steady development of the optical component industry. In recent years, the rapid development of security monitoring equipment, vehicle lenses, aerospace and aviation has also promoted the pvd vacuum optical coating machine technology of the optical component industry.

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