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The development of vacuum coating equipment in the future

The development of vacuum coating equipment in the future


The development of vacuum coating equipment in the future

For vacuum coating equipment, people currently put forward higher requirements for the electronics industry: coating machines are accurate, stable, safe, reliable, and productive. With the advancement of technology, the corresponding electronic electroplating industry will inevitably rise. To meet the changing needs of the market.

In order to adapt to the situation, the reform of vacuum coating equipment in recent years and the conversion steps of the mechanism have accelerated the equipment of my country's coating industry, the technical level and technical level have been greatly improved, and the management has made great progress.

In China, there is still a big gap compared with international standards and advanced industrial countries, and the coating machine also needs to learn from some advanced technologies abroad. For example, technological and process transformation, research and development capabilities, energy conservation and emission reduction.

According to the development of the domestic and international film market, the coating equipment of my country's future coating equipment will have to adjust the structure of the coating equipment, will become a single-chamber body, the accuracy will be higher, the multi-functional equipment will also develop.

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