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The development of PVD vacuum coating equipment in recent years

The development of PVD vacuum coating equipment in recent years


The development of PVD vacuum coating equipment in recent years

In recent years, the film production of PVD vacuum coating equipment has also applied auxiliary means such as electric field, magnetic field, and ion beam bombardment on the substrate, all of which are aimed at controlling the quality and performance of the film formed by the suspected polymer. According to the basic principles of the film forming method, it can be divided into physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition with both physical and chemical methods.

PVD vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum coating technology is a novel material synthesis and processing technology, and it is an important part of the field of surface engineering technology. With the rapid development of the global manufacturing industry, the application of vacuum coating technology has become more and more extensive. From the perspective of the development of semiconductor integrated circuits, LEDs, displays, touch screens, solar photovoltaics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries, the demand for vacuum coating equipment, technology, and materials is increasing, including electrical films for large-scale integrated circuits; Data recording storage film that can be magnetized in both longitudinal and transverse directions; optical films that fully display and apply various optical properties; photosensitive films for computer displays; conductive films and antireflection films on TFT and PDP flat-panel displays; in the construction and automotive industries Applied glass coatings and decorative films; protective films and barrier films used in the packaging field; functional films with various functional decorative effects on decorative materials; wear-resistant super hard films applied on the surface of tools and molds; various aspects of nanomaterial research Functional film, etc.


At the same time, with the continuous development of industrial technology, the requirements for the comprehensive performance of materials have also been continuously improved, and the performance of a single material can no longer meet the performance requirements of working machinery in certain specific environments. After decades of development, domestic vacuum ion coating machines have made some progress in automation and technology compared to foreign high-end coating equipment. However, the stability and accuracy of coating products still need to be improved, and high-end equipment is still Rely on imports. At the same time, there is an oversupply situation in the low-end product market for multi-arc ion coating machines, and price competition is fierce.

At present, my country's vacuum coating equipment industry and other traditional manufacturing industries have overcapacity, and the effect is significant. The country vigorously develops the environmental protection industry and bans or transforms or restricts the traditional electroplating industry. This is a good time for the development of the ion coating industry. The high cost performance of vacuum coating and the environmental pollution caused by traditional electroplating have forced vacuum coating to become the mainstream, and vacuum coating equipment of various types and coating processes continues to increase.

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