The data storage capacity of Sony LTO magnetic

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-14
First LTO 1 tape introduced ten years ago and since then Sony further enhanced every new version of LTO with the best combination of existing technologies and techniques. All Sony's LTO Ultrium improved with different capacities, speed, performance and data preservation and continuing improving with more modernization. Next generation Sony LTO 4 Tape, offers everything which demands of today's rigid storage environments, to meet with the challenges of growing data backups and its proper preservation. Sony advanced coating technique improved base film with extra data tracks 896 on same 12.65mm wide and improved 820M long tape, and also enhanced recording ability, the surface of the base film become smoother and even to tackle massive data storage capacity of 800GB native and 1600GB with compressed data. Sony LTO4 tape, keeps the perfect quantity of data tracks for better capacity, if the tracks wide, the LTO Ultrium tape drive head might pass over the data tracks without read and write, to control this problem Sony kept the track width more narrow to better read and write performance. Sony also improved its Servo writer which manage the data loss problems and error which improved with better servo systems and there is now lessen the overall failures. And Sony's reliable servo system remain in work in types of extreme condition.Sony LTX800G LTO-4 tape, most important design and construction make it more efficient through the perfect use of material for cartridge shell which is firmly closed and sealed and prevent all types of out ecological pressures and accidental drop or relocation and kept the base film in perfect secure. Sony LTO-4, also included with memory chip or LTO-CM which is more reliable part of LTO technology, it is improved with 4KB to 8KB storing capacity, and kept the reliable usage history information of the LTX800G, cartridge, and it also speeds up access to cartridge dependent data with more security during tough data load and unload processes. Sony LTO4, improved with more data protection with adoption of hardware based 256-bit data encryption technology, and it protects very important and sensitive data during very fast and intensive transaction from drives and cartridge. Sony LTO4 tapes, also employed with WORM (Write Once Read Many) function which also characterize in LTO 3 cartridges, WORM are perfect function which prevents alternation, data removing and overwriting data and once tape are loaded through WORM it is difficult to change. Sony LTX800G LTO4 is a prefect magnetic tape format with massive storage ability, high speed and best reliable performance. All Ultrium 4 LTO tapes are offered at
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