The data storage ability of LTO Ultrium tapes

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-11
An excellent coating techniques facilitate not many metal particle dispersion on the top of every layer to coat the whole base film surface with no at all breaks. The LTO 2 tapes, improved coating techniques enable the cartridge to store 200GB in native and 400GB with compressed data which is doubled from tapes. The highest capacity is possible with high quality coating techniques also increased data track from 384 to 512 on same half inch wide and 609M long tape. The LTO-2 Ultrium tapes, also improved data transfer speed with 40MB/Sec native and 80MB/Sec compressed formation which is also double from LTO 1 tape format. Just like LTO 1 tape Ultrium 2 tapes, adopted the most important part of technology, a built in memory chip which is also known as LTO-CM with 4KB capacity, The memory chip is able to store important information about the usage history of the Ultrium-2 tape, moreover memory chip speeds up desired file admission and noticeably speeds up tape dependent data access in standalone and automatic library settings. LTO Ultrium-2 tapes, has a built in devoted technology based servo system which perform excellent read and write ability. The Servo system is so accurate and stable with high quality servo signals, and obviously get better data reading and writing with precise stability and excellency. Reliable servo system also diminished tape noise to contest the high compression of tape drives heads, tape surface difference is also delicately managed to make certain tape movement constancy for most favorable head and Ultrium-2 tapes, base film interfacing. The next generation tapes improved with overall the cartridge design and durability as well with the use of some most reliable and advanced material, the LTO2, is also improved its durability with the firmly closed cartridge shell which prevent debris and other outer stresses to enter into the , tape these pressures could damage the base film and very important data. Reliable design enhanced durability with 30 years working abilities and thousands of passes through the every part of tape, with perfect preservation of archived files. Sony LTO2 tape, is the perfect media cartridge which is compatible with all existed and reliable Ultrium 2 tape drive with brilliant backward read and write ability with LTO1 tapes. Maxell tape, is a reliable addition in LTO generation with high capacity, fast speed and reliable performance and boost LTO technology to new heights. The LTO Ultrium 2 tapes improved with capacity, speed and overall performance with excellent data preservation. All branded of LTO Ultrium 2 tapes are available at
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