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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-09
Protecting college or university digital resources and student private information is also very important. These records must be preserved with student admissions, exam and personal files. That is the reason that higher education departments turn to preserve data with LTO Ultrium storage tapes. The LTO Ultrium magnetic tape based technology is best and reliable with very economical operational formation. The LTO storage cartridges offer super capacity and furious data transfer speed for better archival of most important and critical data. By choosing LTO Ultrium makes sure the applying of the best and consistent long lasting media tape which ensure to meet every storage need. These cartridges are perfectly tested and experienced by different generations of LTO Ultrium formats since the LTO Ultrium adopted by storage industry. The fifth generation 27672 of LTO Ultrium technology has improved the overall quality with better performance, high capacity, high speed and reliable durability. Advanced metal particles and reliable coating techniques improved recording density with excellent base film reliability. Most advanced and perfect dispersion systems also improved base film magnetic layer with more smoothness and much thinner than earlier LTO tape's base film. The 229323 cartridge improved with huge 1.5TB in native and 3.0TB with compressed data, as well increased tracks 1,280 on 12.65mm wide and 846M long tape. Sony LTO5 Tape has a built in non-contact 8KB LTO-CM which is commonly known as a memory chip. The LTO-CM able to preserve historical usage data and other manufacturing information, and make it possible for the LTO Ultrium tape drive the fast and secure access procedures on HP LTO5 Tape dependent data. The memory chip also monitoring files and diagnosed the problem of cartridge and tape drive. The Maxell LTO5 Tape are also available with WORM function which is reliable for better data protection, the WORM is perfect product which enable data to read many times but write once and preventing memory erasing, alternation and overwriting of very important and sensitive media. The hardware based AES 256-bit data encryption also offers better reliability and storage protection during the transaction. The LTO5 Media tapes also improved with high speed which is now 140MB/Sec with native and 280MB/Sec with compressed data. This is the perfect speed to store or recover massive size archival data. The best and most reliable new servo system adopted by LTO5 and improved data read and write capability with more accuracy and stability of the data. Despite increased in the data tracks next generation servo system performing better than ever. The LTO5 Ultrium cartridge offers excellent data protection with AES and WORM functions with improved high transfer speed and capacity. All branded LTO5 tapes with RW and WORM cartridges are available at
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